Wednesday 6 July 2011

Pictures Of Summer

Well, the good weather is already over, but we had a lovely couple of days to start the holidays. Just to prove they weren't a dream, here are the photos...

It was warm and sunny enough for the paddling pool to be dragged back out of hibernation.

Not quite warm enough for me to get my shorts on (and would I post a picture of me wearing shorts on my blog, hmmm). Anyway these are actually 3/4 jeans and notice - NO SOCKS, so it must indeed be warm!

My spot for supervising the paddling pool. Rather a pleasant way to pass the time. Later I even get out my crochet hook and start a project from my new book. Deck chairs are sooooo comfy.

As we've not had to rush off to school in the morning I've been baking for breakfast. Day 1 was pancakes (or dropped scones to non Scots). I'm getting better at making these.

A & N enjoyed eating breakfast al fresco.

Also in the garden; it won't be long till there are some peas ready to eat - yummy.

Beautiful sunshine through the leaves of the crocismia.

Day 2 breakfast - we had scones. They're not very pretty scones as I just shape them with my hands rather than bothering with the rolling and cutting. Much less hassle. They taste nice which is the main thing. Some scones look good but taste far too much of the raising agents used (Nigella, I'm thinking of yours here!)

The patio and path, pretty summery pinks and greens.

Day 3 breakfast - ginger and lemon muffins (recipe here). Not quite the recipe I was looking for (which I have now found and will try very soon, possibly even this morning).

They were nice but I'm not sure they will become a regular feature.

By this time (which was yesterday morning), the sunshine had already been replaced by rain, though just a fine drizzle for much of the day (today it's really raining!). We had a play date at another house in the village so set off complete with wellies and brollies, essential summer equipment for the west of Scotland.

Such a lovely house and garden this friend has, look at those beautiful roses, makes me wonder where I can plant roses like this in our garden.

Well, I'm off to decide what to make for breakfast this morning. Shall I make my newly discovered secret-but-soon-to-be-revealed (if it works) recipe or Andrea at Apples and Pears' delicious sounding yoghurt pot cakes...


Grateful4Crochet said...

what beautiful pictures, and now I'm hungry!!!

Mrs. Micawber said...

I'll have to look up "dropped scones" and see how/if they differ from American pancakes.

I love the pictures of your wee ones. I have none of my own, but I babysat full-time for many years and miss having little ones in the house. I did a lot more baking too when they were around - Mr M is missing out now that I have to leave the house to earn money.

Looking forward to the next recipe!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you have to grab any eating al fresco opportunities fast in Scotland! Even though the weather has been poor so far, your garden is looking good! Nothing like a bit of baking especially for breakfast and I agree with Sue's comment - Scottish baking is the best! Enjoy your the holidays
Katie x

Hazel said...

Flippin heck. You are Super Mum!! Baking for 3 days on the trot. Go you! When I was younger, we used to travel to Kirkcaldy to visit relatives and we used to always visit and old lady who lived in a flat where my mum and dad used to live. She used to always make us fresh scotch pancakes and I just used to sit and devour them. I would love to make them but I have no idea of the recipe. Brings back some very fond memories this does. x

Annaboo's House said...

All looks super!
I love letting the kids loose with the water.
Beautiful baking, too.
Ps love your little owl mug.

my4lilgirls said...

Can i come to yours for brekkie !!!
The garden is my favourite place in the summer, looks like your lil ones love it :)
Karen x

...Nina Nixon... said...


Pomona said...

We call them Scotch pancakes - now I know why! Very brave of you to go sockless - I am back in my winterwarmers again.

Pomona x

Julie said...

Baking for breakfast is such a good idea, not sure if I could get myself organised enough tho'. Especially since the boys expect food the moment they get up. Did you make the yoghurt pot cakes? they sound fascinating. Juliex


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