Wednesday 31 December 2014

Colour & Contrast.

Some more wintry photos from another walk. Before this one we ate far too much cake in a very nice cafe. The portion sizes were ridiculous, but we weren't daunted.

The top two photos are the same, but different. The first is with the old camera, the second with the new one. I prefer the first image - the colours are more true and the contrast is better. Unfortunately, the old camera is really past its best - the grain of dust stuck in the lense is refusing to budge meaning I need to crop a good section off most photos, also the zoom button is now sticking regularly. But I really don't like the quality of picture from the new camera. I'll try playing around with the settings to see if I can get better colour & contrast.

I can't believe it's hogmany already today, where is the time going?

A Very Happy New Year to all,

Anne x

Tuesday 30 December 2014


Some more seasonal photos. We went for a cycle ride to the loch. It was freezing cold, espcially when coming home - my toes were like blocks of ice. It has been lovely and frosty these last few days. I managed to get some photos from the garden, but didn't venture further afield as I was doing another big tidy and clean - this time for the parents' inspection visit yesterday. It was a foggy, frosty day and I kept interupting meal preparations to take photos of the setting sun and roosting jackdaws. Later, arbout 11pm, I looked out the window and was surprised to see the frost had gone - all was drippy and wet. It somehow seems odd when a warm front arrives and ice melts without the help of the sun. Anyway, that's all done and dusted now and we have a few quiet days to enjoy until New Year...

Friday 26 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas. We managed to get everything organised in time but it was pretty busy - hence the lack of posts.

This year...

  • We have a real tree.
  • I cut right back on the baking - just a Christmas cake and some iced biscuits.
  • We attempted gingerbread house building - never again! It tastes lovely though (kit from Ikea).
  • We managed to eat Christmas pudding with our Christmas dinner - usually we're too full. Must have judged it better this time.
  • The roast parsnips were the best part of the Christmas meal - delicious.
Enjoy the rest of the festive season!



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