Saturday 23 November 2013


Random pics from Nov so far, some may even be from the end of Oct...

 Yummy paella and tapas. Lovely night but a sad occasion really. A goodbye to a friend who could take our western Scottish weather no more and has now relocated to the sunnier climes of Somerset...

 Amazing how adding some seeds makes the bread maker bread look fab.

 Still loving my drive to school. This one was from the view point car park. I did later take some sneaky ones en-route when able to slow down due to being on my own or stuck behind slow drivers...

 Fireworks night!

 Lovely frosty weekend morning. Some pics from the garden...

 N had Star the dragon home. I wrote out what he wanted to say about him and he copied it into the jotter.

 Beautiful evening skies...

 I've been making more window stars.

 I actually used these to base my crit lesson on. We looked at shape properties, angle sizes and lines of symmetry as we made them. I'll be going in early on Monday to stick 25 stars on the classroom windows. Four kids were off, would otherwise have had 29 to do. I passed my crit, woohoo! Such a relief! I've so much admiration for teachers now knowing what they have to go through not just day to day but in qualifying to be a teacher in the first place.

A last look at the view on the way home after my crit on Friday.

Still two weeks of placement to go. I'm teaching for my first full day on Mon so that will be interesting...

Sunday 17 November 2013


Still here!

Just wanted to note that A has informed me of her first two items for her Santa list:
1. Three packets of polos
2. A pack of blu tak.

N, on the other hand, wants everything he sees on the telly.

I'm having a very short break from lesson planning. It takes me soooo long to do. I'm up till 1am most nights now trying to get it done. I just hate the feeling of running out of things to keep "them" busy, I'm not comfortable ad-libbing to class yet, hopefully that will come.

Just three weeks of placement left. Crit next week too, eek!

I've been taking a few photos here and there but haven't had time to upload or sort them. Still, can't have a post without pictures. Here's an old one for now of a mirror I once designed and made, back when I had time to do such things...


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