Sunday 15 September 2013

Sept So Far...

Still getting time to take the odd photo - here's the random bundle for Sept so far. Five were taken by N, can you spot which ones?

Life continues to zoom by. I go on placement tomorrow. I'm really nervous, compared to some of my fellow students I really have very little school experience, I've not even been in for a full day since I was a schoolchild myself, a few years ago now. The university/theoretical aspect of teaching is all very interesting but it's the practical application that really counts. Eeek!

One last butterfly.

Potato harvest.

School sunflower with bumble bee.

Snail ornament detail.


 Shadow (though I think it's meant to be of the tap really).

Cool socks.

 Drippy 1.

Drippy 2.

Locked in the tower.

Tower window.

View from the tower (local doors open day event).



Drippy 3.

Thursday 5 September 2013

Our August Garden

August garden pics. Lots of butterflies: the usual small tortoiseshells, large whites and peacocks (my favourite). We've also had quite a few red admirals visiting, it's been a couple of years since I've seen them in the garden. I love the worn patches under the swings. Overall the garden is ever more neglected, one of these years I'll regain some semblance of control. It won't be this year though - 2 weeks into my PGDE and I'm feeling rather swamped by information and reading. All very interesting though and I'm enjoying it so far...


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