Tuesday 18 February 2014

A Wintry Wander.

The promise of a sunny Sunday encouraged us and friends to take a walk to The Whangie.

The most snow we've seen all winter. 

After about an hour of walking (slowly!) N & friend approach the Whangie. The path was very muddy and boggy in places, we were glad of our wellies.

 A small part of the Whangie on the right, Loch Lomond and surrounding hills ahead.

 Zooming in on the hills...

 ...and a little more.

 Heading back after playing amongst the rocks.

Bird in tree.

 N needed a piggyback towards the end.


 The sun catches snow topped Ben Lomond.

Tasty (though odd looking!) hot sausage snack, heated up on our friends campervan stove once back at the carpark. Yum.

Friday 7 February 2014

Pebbles and Shells.

We went to the beach today. Why? The sun was shining, the schools are off for the mid-term break, and I needed to collect some pebbles and shells. I'm currently on another teaching placement; this time it's in a nursery. Next week I've to do some sorting activities with the children, some of which should be outside, so I thought a mix of different shells and pebbles would be good for them to play with. I'm also preparing some paper activities which need laminating first. I got a laminator for Christmas, the novelty of using it has not yet worn off...

We even had a picnic. Mr Crow and some seagulls soon became interested.

Now, I'm away to see if the laminator has heated up yet...


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