Saturday 26 April 2014

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

Off at about 8am...

Nearly at the top of the long hill, good to stop to catch my breath.

Daffodils still in bloom. Lots of farm tracks have them growing on the verges.

Leaves are just starting to show green against the tree branches.

 A favourite view.

 Over the pond. Two pairs of greylag and canada geese were having a bit of a to-do in the field in the foreground.

 A favourite tree. The sun almost breaks through the cloud.

 Two farms with white-painted buildings, as seems to be the preference hereabouts.

 Bramble leaves.

 A burn. The grass is bright green, so nice to see after the dull brown-green of winter.

 Big stone, bend in the road and attractive farmhouse.

 Another favourite view.

Ewe with twin lambs. 

 Snail making his way slowly across the road. I wonder if he made it without getting squashed.

Tree mound in the distance.

A beech hedge still wearing its winter colours. 

 Old red gate and tree mound.

Beautiful silhouetted branches.

 Uh-oh, the road's blocked.

Not a problem!

 Blackthorn blossom.

An unfurling fern.

 Blackthorn blossom mixing with hawthorn foliage.

A lovely wee road for cycling along.

 The old hut is still there.

 I stop and get off the bike for the short walk to admire the waterfall. The water is thundering over and I can feel the spume against my face.

I'm approaching a small town. I've a few emergency pennies in my purse so I pop into the charity shop where I buy a tiny brass pig. One of the staff is extremely irritating, barging into the customers including myself (twice!). I know she's a volunteer but a little politeness wouldn't go amiss... 

 Looking over the loch to a house on the hill.

 Grey. I realise my camera battery is getting low, so no photos for a wee while as I want to save the for...

...the bluebell woods. I'm too early! I know they're out further south but I'll just need to be more patient.

 Bike shot against a folly.

 Pretty blossoms.

Wise owl.

Old chapel. Then home.

This is my second bike ride since starting my PGDE in August. It's good to see there are very few changes out and about, aside from those related to the seasons of course.

I had a crit yesterday. I passed, but have been clearly informed what needs to improve before my next crit in two weeks time. I'm told my ideas and plans are great, what I need to work on is my class control. I have a P1 class, ie 5 & 6 year olds. I have improved since I started my placement as I can now get them to listen and sit quietly when I'm talking to them. The issue is when I send them off to do their work and the noise levels start to rise. I know quite a few bloggers are teachers, so any advice is welcome! My tutor and class teacher have also given me advice which I will heed come Monday... Today I've been having a break, tonight I'll be back to working again. It's exhausting at times which I expected - no-one gets on to a PGDE course without knowing how tough it's going to be. I'm usually working till around midnight when on a placement, and till 1 or 2 am in the week before a crit. I just hope it will all be worth it in the end!

Monday 14 April 2014


Here are some photos of a walk we took last week. It was dry but still not exactly warm... whereas today has been absolutely gorgeous - our proper first day of Spring I think, certainly the first that I've noticed though being off school helps. I've lots of coursework to do over the break so there aren't many words to accompany the photos I'm afraid...

Actually, I didn't add any words at all did I! The photos are pretty self explanatory - just a record of what it looked like round here during early April.

Now that hubby's home and has taken over looking after the children for the evening I'm off now to finish at least two more rationales, such fun!


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