Wednesday 18 November 2015

Staithes to Mulgrave.

We walked from Staithes to the beach at Mulgrave then back again. A lovely coastal walk with some great views enhanced by the good weather and beautiful blue skies. It was a steep climb down to the sea at Mulgrave but well worth it. It was an unusual spot with many interesting shacks sheltering under the cliffs and the shale on the beach was full of fossils. The children were delighted to discover clay which they could mould and we'd all have liked to have lingered longer but needed to return before too long to feed the parking meter at Staithes.

I'd like some of the lovely October weather back. It's been so stormy here for days on end, we're all fed up of the wind and rain. To top it all our heating has now packed in so the house is feeling cold and damp too. Grrr...

Sunday 15 November 2015

Runswick Bay



The Runswick Bay photos.

It was thanks to Jacquie that we visited here at all, she'd been in the area the previous week and had posted some lovely photos of Runswick Bay on Instagram. I find blogs and Instagram excellent sources of ideas for places to visit.

We all loved the big open beach and the picturesque lanes in the village. Definitely somewhere we'd return to if we're ever nearby again.

Saturday 14 November 2015


Next we moved to Staithes on the Yorkshire coast for four nights, a very picturesque fishing village.

We went fossil hunting on the beach and weren't disappointed! The one in the last pic was my best find.

More to come...

Thursday 12 November 2015

Hadrian's Wall and Other Roman Remains.

Here is the first set of photos from our week spent in the north of England away back at the beginning of October.

We spent the first night of our holiday in Chollerford near Hadrian's wall. Before arriving at our hotel we walked along a section of wall past the famous "Sycamore Gap" to Housesteads Roman Fort and then back again to the car - six miles and some of it quite hilly too. I remember getting rather hot and puffed out at times.

I photographed the robin while he was watching hubby and the kids play a game of chess with the giant sized chess pieces in the garden of the hotel (we stayed at the George Hotel, nice swimming pool and yummy breakfasts!).

We then visited Chesters Roman Fort. It's amazing that so much remains after 2000 years, I wish I had a time machine!

The cake pic is from the wee tea room at Chesters. I'm rather fond of the Fentiman rose lemonade. I've not seen it for sale up here, will need to seek it out.

I've a few (ahem!) more photos to post from our trip. We saw so much and were lucky with the weather.

Things are very busy again as I have a class full time till Christmas so lots of planning and prep involved before and after school, lovely kids though. Needless to say, blogging has been pushed rather down the priority list as something has to give. But I'm not stopping yet!


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