Tuesday 9 February 2016


Images from our visit to York back in October 2015. We spent two nights there which was plenty time for us to explore. We made a half-hearted attempt at following the cat trail but abandoned it in favour of just wandering. I'm sure there's much we missed, but we visited the main tourist sites including Clifford's Tower, Jorvik and the Minster. Standing in the long queue to get into the Minster afforded plenty of time for photographs. We also enjoyed a little bit of shopping - not too much though, I'm not much of a shopper! If you are,then there is an amazing variety of shops to visit.

I've still a few more Yorkshire pics to sort and share. I'm getting there!

Sunday 7 February 2016

Helmsley and Rievaulx.

Rewinding to October... here are some images of Helmsley Castle and Rievaulx Abbey from our trip to Yorkshire, after leaving Staithes and before arriving in York. We followed the advice of walking to the abbey from Hemsley (parking space is limited due to visitor centre rennovations). It felt a long walk there, but as always seems to be the case, a much shorter walk back again (6 miles in total). It was rather a murky day so the photos don't do the sites justice, particularly the abbey which is rather amazing. As you will see, I enjoyed trying to photograph the local pheasants. Also, look out for the friendly puppy in the cottage garden near the abbey...


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