Saturday 10 October 2015

Saturday Morning Bike Ride.

Another dry and mild autumn morning...

Pigeons in flight.

 A last wild rose, with beastie.

Characterful fencepost and stubbly field.

Tones of golden brown.

 Seedhead silhouette.

Bright rosehips.

 A favourite view.

 Yellowhammer (I think!)

Farm sign with balancing sheep. Meikle means big, in other parts of Scotland it's written and pronounced as muckle.

 Seeing double.

 First sight of some of the buildings of Formakin Estate.

More buildings on the Formaking Estate. It was also known locally as the monkey house due to the many carvings of monkeys on the roofs. You can just make out some on top of the roof of the building on the left. I'll zoom in on them...
 The pair on the right of the roof.

 A single monkey on the left.

 More estate buildings, also with rooftop monkeys.

 Red campion still flowering.

Squashed Irn Bru can.

 Leaving the buildings behind.

 Recently sown winter barley.

Looking across the Clyde.

Horse with pink coat.

The road ahead, heading west with the Clyde to the north.

Sheep dots.

 A once grand entrance.

 Gate detail.

 A road with a view.

 Ivy ready to bloom.


Sticky willy seed pods.

Rusty roof.

 Bike shot.

 Distant wind farm.

 Male chaffinch.


 Farm buildings, staw bales and misty mountains.

Sheep and pylons.

Autumn fruiting raspberries outside the bike shed. Delicious!

The schools here are now off for a week for the October break. Yippee!

Sunday 4 October 2015

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

Bike ride pics from yesterday. Another lovely Autumnal morning.

I think this is my fifth bike ride since the beginning of August when I managed to start riding again fairly regularly. I noticed this time that the hills seemed much easier than before - I'm taking it as a sign that I'm getting fitter, which would be nice!

I spotted a little bird whilst out on my bike that I'm having a little trouble identifying. I think it may be a juvenile yellow hammer, what do you think?

I also found some interesting sheep. When I take a sheep photo I always think of Meredith as I know she likes them. Bend in the road photos are for Sue!

For much of this ride I am under the flight path for planes taking off from Glasgow airport which is why a large plane suddenly appears about halfway through. It is also a ride wich takes me past several reservoirs and lochs. It was a very still morning, the reflections in the water are lovely.

My robin friend was there to greet me when I came back. I've never known such a fearless robin. He lands on the ground or a branch just a couple of feet away and isn't scared off when I move. I may try and see if I can get him to feed from my hand like I've seen others do, that would be fun!


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