Sunday 30 August 2015

Saturday Morning Bike Ride.

A bit of a murky day, yesterday, and a shorter ride than last week.

I'm glad to see the swallows are still here, though I doubt for much longer as many of them are gathering on overhead wires in preparation for leaving.

Some cows line up for a photo, I like it when they do that!

I take the easy route home along the cycle path past the Roman soldiers though I do add a few hills on at the end, puffing my way up them.

Once home I notice that the blackbirds have already stripped the rowan tree in the garden of its berries. I meant to photograph the berries before they did so, I'd fogotten how quickly the birds take the berries once they're ready.

It's been a busy weekend and I've many photos to sort through. I've a busy few weeks ahead so will try and fit it all in somehow!

Enjoy your week...


Sunday 23 August 2015

Saturday Morning Bike Ride.

Yay! I had time this weekend for a bike ride.

I saw... the (not ancient at all!) stone circle, lots of gates, sheep, cows, wide open views, empty roads, the tree avenue, harebells, ragwort, umbels, butterflies (only white ones still), swallows (with us yet - summer is not over!).

I smelt... the sweet scent of himalayan balsam (I know it shouldn't be here, but it does smell lovely) and wild honeysuckle.

I heard... aeroplanes (we are under the flight path for Glasgow airport after all, even if it does look like I'm in the middle of nowhere much of the time), sheep baaing and silence (between the aeroplanes!).

I felt... puffed out by the long steep hill and by the end my thighs definitely felt like they'd been put to work. Physically, I pushed myself harder than I have for a long time (I am rather unfit I have to say).

I enjoyed it all very much...

(I didn't eat anything hence the lack of a report for taste!)


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