Wednesday 13 April 2011

My African Flower Crochet Blanket, Finished At Last.

Almost a year ago I made my first crocheted African flower motif.

The flowers then just kept on growing and growing and before I knew what I was doing I'd started a blanket. I even took it on holiday.

By the end of Spetember 2010 I'd finished making and joining the hexagons and had started on the border. For the next six months since then I have periodically been sewing in all thoses pesky ends. And now I HAVE FINISHED!

So here it is...


It briefly graced the back of the sofa before I remembered that I want to enter it into our local show in June, so it's now folded and put away.

While we're in the living room here's a picture of the red sofa replacement. I bought it recently when Country Mouse and I went on a charity shopping trip on Dumbarton Road in Glasgow.

Such an improvement. I do not regret getting rid of the sofa at all. The feeling of extra space is wonderful and it's so nice just to be able to walk straight in the room without having to make an immediate right hand turn.

Now that I can easily reach the bookcases I've been able to make a little space for some flowers from the garden.

The recent fine weather has made the garden blossom (though it's cold & wet again now sadly).

I've done a little gardening and we've had our first batch of stewed rhubarb and scone.

I also got some recent pretty shopping bargains - the mugs were 79p each and the tray 99p (both from B&M), the tea towels (I have enough now!) are from Aldi's.

So what am I going to crochet next? I had a go at a Queen Anne's Lace Scarf but I think the different colours in the wool I used muddies the pattern (as well as just being rather muddy in colour itself).

So I think I'll frog it and try something else...

Edited to add some notes on the blanket:
201 whole hexagons.
18 half hexagons (I used this pattern for the half hexagons)
I'll measure it and add the dimensions soon!
Yarn used - any old DK so long as I liked the colour, a lot of it was from the local pound shops as I didn't want to spend too much money on it.


driftwood said...

wow it's gorgeous, sooo impressed. I've just started a crochet shawl inspired by the ones you made, but I know a blanket is way beyond me, I managed about 8 aftrican flowers and that was all........

Aunty Bee said...

It's gorgeous, I hope it wins a prize in the show. Beautiful colours and home grown rhurbarb who could ask for more. Love the chairs, unfortunately I have a couch fetish and we have 3 in our house.

topchelseagirl said...

Such lovely colours and it looks great on the sofa! What is B&M?

Chaos, Kids, Crochet and Cake said...

It is beautiful! I love the light in your lounge too.
Sandra x

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Beautiful crochet throw!!! You are a very talented person.
Really like your lounge roomy, cosy and airy.
Isabelle x

Hazel said...

What do you mean it has been folded and put away???? Are you mad? I demand you bring it back out and let it grace your room!! It is breathtakingly gorgeous. Love love love it. xx

June said...

The crochet is stunning. It looks like something kaffe fassett would do and would be photographed in one of his books!
Love that blossom photo!

Anonymous said...

Crochet dedication indeed! I hope you win a First at the show for it, as it is certainly a worthy piece of work. Is that a Barbara Robertson linocut on your wall behind your new chair?

Jude said...

It's absolutely beautiful, well done!! It shows you what you can do without spending loads of money on yarn..I was amazed when you said it was made from odds and ends from pound shops.
Funny thing, I made a trial 'scarf' using the Queen Ann pattern this week, I love how it turned out and am thinking of making one each for my daughter and daughter-in-law..
Take care

Apples and Pears said...

Stunning!!!! It is really, really beautiful and you must be thrilled to have finished it. Love it and I love the chairs too xx

Teresa Kasner said...

The flower blanket is simply fantabulous! I understand wanting to keep it perfect for the show, but it must be a bummer to stow it away and not be able to enjoy it. I actually have my rainbow granny folded up - but will be taking it in our "caravan" for a beach trip at the end of the month for my birthday.. can't wait to get some pictures! :-)

Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

French Knots said...

Your blanket is amazing, the colours are wonderful and it's certainly an heirloom for the future. Dread to think how many ends there were to sew in!

Sara said...

Your blanket looks awesome and oh so pretty. You will get a prize for it,subcurv for sure!

Pammy Sue said...

Oh wow. Your blanket turned out gorgeous! What pretty colors with the blue.

**Anne** said...

Congratulations on finishing your blanket. It is absolutely wonderful.
Anne xx

Anonymous said...

Ah, I thought it was Babs work! Your other one by the sofa looks lovely too. We have several of her prints too and I love them. Never tire of them, do you? My parents are friends of her and they all belong to a small group of professional artists from Angus and Fife called the Artists Lunch. In fact they are having a group exhibition soon at the Meffan in Forfar and usually all show at the Pittenweem Festival too. Where did you live in Angus?

...Nina Nixon... said...

That is beautiful - I bet you are completely chuffed to looks amazing.

Love your tea towels too.

Nina xxx

Eileen said...

Your blanket is beautiful! You have inspired me to make one!

Zoya said...

The blanket is gorgeous. I'm always impressed by people, who have the patience to finish something so big. I love African flower motif, but haven't managed to do more than one myself :-D

potterjotter said...

Just found your blog on my travels ... the blanket is gorgeous - I would not have been able to take it off my sofa once it looked so good there!

silverpebble said...

The African Flowers looks truly fantastic. I'm certain it will win a prize - how could it not? You've found some great bargains there - especially those sweet little teatowels. The birds look exactly like your avatar!

Cathy said...

Your blanket is quite gorgeous Anne. I wish you the best of luck with the show. It is bound to win..haha. I like the bargains you have found too, especially the mugs. I am a sucker for bargain mugs myself. We have far more than we could ever hope to drink out of.

Pomona said...

That is the most heavenly blanket that I have ever seen - you are very talented!

Pomona x

Lyn said...

it looks great, so impressed.

Crochet with Raymond said...

How, how, how is it that I've only just visited your lovely blog for the first time? This blanket is probably the most beautiful of the african flower blankets I've seen, very very inspiring thank you!!!
Have a lovely week!
p.s I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

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