Saturday, 16 May 2015

April Garden

I'm a bit late with these photos. April is when there first seems to suddenly be lots to see in the garden so I've always done an April garden post. Opportunities to get out in the garden are more limited these days but I did manage several attempts...


It's the first time the little purple magnolia has flowered and we've also had the largest number of camelia blooms ever.

I like when the cat follows me round the garden.

There's a reason why there are no whole-garden photos - it's a mess overall, but beautiful when you look closely.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Monday Morning Bike Ride.

These photos are from a bike ride I took on the bank holiday Monday last week. Some are from the route I drive to work. Every day of the previous week I'd been aware of how lovely the countryside has been looking but from the car you only get fleeting images and I wanted to get out on my bike and see what it was really looking like. The weather had been great all week but it wasn't quite so nice on the Monday - lots of scudding clouds made the light change dramatically and very quickly.

The gorse has been in full bloom and on the bike you also get to appreciate the gorgeous coconut scent when nearby. I saw lots of lambs and some cows and horses too. The views across the firth were a little hazy for my liking: a few days earlier and I would have been able to catch crisp and clear views of the mountains with Ben Lomond completely covered in snow, however, I'll settle for what I got, it's better than it often is!

The house does seem to sink a little towards the road. I notice it now when I drive past it each day.

A favourite corner from my drive to work.

Interesting tree.

Now we're about to pass through the Formakin Estate. I've been this way before on the bike but not for a long while. Here's a link to a really old post with some more information. 

After this point I turn away from my commuting route and enjoy some scenes of the Clyde and the hills beyond.

Ugh, I don't like the hill that's round this corner. It's short but it's right at the end of a ride when legs are tired.

I took my new camera along for the ride. Well, I don't think the photos are as crisp as the ones I used to get with my old camera. I'm actually looking out for a cheap version of my old camera on ebay as I liked it so much. I thought a new camera would be an upgrade, but I think I seem to have been very lucky to happen on a very good model the first time round.

And, we've had an election. I thought it worth posting some images of the results just because they have been so dramatic, partucularly in Scotland. I certainly didn't expect to wake up to this result on Friday...

Scotland in detail

And the contrast with the rest of the UK is rather stark:

What will the future hold, I wonder...


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