Monday 25 April 2011

Saturday and Sunday Bike Rides.


I begin my bike ride by stopping off at a holidaying friend's house to feed her cat.

Meet Lilo, enjoying her breakfast.

Then I set off. We're having a break in the sunny warm weather, so all is a little damp and gloomy again I'm afraid.

The cows say hello.

Farmhouse perched on top of neatly rolled field, trees reflected in the river.

The view across the strath as I climb higher, I like how lots of little white farmhouses dot the hills.

At the top, quite a bit bleaker up here.

Lone tree.

The first of three reservoirs for today - Barcraigs.

I like the field dotted with sheep.

Bracraigs in the distance, hummocky field in the foreground.

Old empty cottage, empty road.

Windswept beech trees.

Reservoir number two - Cuffhill.

Reservoir number three (in the distance) - Kirkleegreen.

Blaeberry flowers line the road.

Fence & view.

Lovely trees. Just to the left is the most rundown farm, so ramshackle it's picturesque (and hard to believe it's inhabited!). I'd love to take photographs of it but I feel it's rather rude and I'm not brave enough to ask permission.

Funny sheep.

Another farm. I like the red door, red tractor and red barn. I feel OK to photograph this one as I'm just taking pictures of the farm outbuildings and not the farmhouse itself. It also sits further away from the road so I don't feel I'm being so intrusive.

Home via the cycle path. I notice a snail. After seeing this one I realise there are hundreds of them on the path and I veer around trying to avoid squashing them, fortunately it's still early so there aren't many other people about to wonder what I'm up to.

Having been on the cycle path quite a lot recently I take a little detour through the woods (almost, but not quite, bluebell time) returning past the 500 year old collegiate church for a pleasant change.

Now to Sunday...

As the weather forecast was good we had planned a family bike ride to the Isle of Cumbrae. The morning dawned bright and sunny. I recklessly wore no socks. By the time we'd arrived at Largs to catch the ferry the sky was dark with leaden clouds and it wasn't exactly warm (I so wished I'd worn my socks!). But it wasn't raining either so we carried on.

From the ferry looking back towards Largs.

Looking towards Cumbrae. It's a very small island and not very spectacular in itself but it is in a fantastic position and has lovey views of Arran from its western side (which I hope aren't obscured by cloud today). There aren't many cars on the island so it attracts quite a few cyclists who enjoy the quiet roads.

Against the backdrop of the mountains of Arran, hubby & A head towards a gorsey corner, the coconut scent from the gorse was quite delicious.

Look closely and you can see a big scary face painted on the rocks (click on the picture to make it bigger for a better view)

A & N play on the pink beach after we stop for a picnic lunch at Millport (I really, really wish I had my socks on by this point!)

Sandy details.

Then we head up the hill behind Millport.

Just to prove I made it to the top with the trailer. Quite a steep climb, I had to stop and admire the view while getting my breath back.

Heading back down the hill. The tiny yellow speck on the road in the distance is hubby & A, well ahead of us.

Here comes the ferry to take us home.

Today (Monday) was hot and sunny again, we picked the wrong days for our outings I think!


Pomona said...

You do live in the most beautiful part of the world!

Pomona x

June said...

I do love your bicycle rides - wonderful scenery as always. Hope you had a Happy Easter!

Apples and Pears said...

Oooo more lovely scenery!!! I feel refreshed and even fitter for sharing your bike ride!!! You are making me an armchair cyclist! xx

Hazel said...

Ohhh gorgeous little trip to Cambrae. Looks fab. x

Julie said...

I love the Cumbrae photos. It sounds like a great day-trip. Nothing more perfect than including bike riding, ferry, picnic and beach (even with cold ankles!) in one day. Julie

Unknown said...

Thrilled to have popped by for an afternoon ride today. So, glad the winter is over and we can ride together again. Great pictures

Jennyff said...

Lovely days out, I particularly enjoyed the ferry trip. Really the Easter weather has been pretty good, I've still got my socks on though.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, your photos are SO good. I loved the garden ones in the previous post too, especially the hostas.
I seem to remember cycling around Cumbrae in my early teens. Lovely views!

Cathy said...

I really enjoy browsing all your lovely photos Anne. Your grassland is such an intense green - all that rain I expect. Aren't you good not to photograph the farmhouse? I am naughty and let nothing stand in the way of me and a photo haha..unless there are people in the garden of course.

...Nina Nixon... said...

Such beautiful pictures - despite the clouds and gloomy weather.

Nina xx

Pomona said...

Not teasing about the Sunday Telegraph article about us, promise! It is online now - I have linked to it on my blog. Sadly they have chopped us out of pig picture - I rather liked that one.

Pomona x

Heldasland said...

wonderful scenery,i feel like Ive been on a refreshing walk with you thank you


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