Sunday 10 April 2011

A Galloway Bike Ride

We're just back from spending a few days at my parent's house in the south west of Scotland.

We left home in wintry cold torrential rain, the day after we arrived we were enjoying beautiful summery warmth and sunshine.

Fortunately I'd taken my bike, a chance to explore some new roads and see some new views...

Lots more daffodils line the roads hereabouts than at home.

I do have a purpose for this ride. As you near the town where my parents live there is a perfect tree topped hill ridge. It's a very busy and fast approach road - one I would not cycle on for long so I'm going to try and find a way to view and photograph the ridge from along the quiet back roads.

Here is my first view of the ridge in the distance with a dew covered field in the foreground.

A little further along and I unexpectedly come across this old ruined windmill.

Around the corner and another view of the windmill.

A farm nestles amongst trees at the top of this field.

Getting a little closer to the tree ridge.

There are lots of lambs in the many fields. I try to photograph them but this ewe and twin lambs don't seem to keen to have their picture taken.

Tree silhouettes against clear blue skies.

More trees and fields, copper hedge and distant ridge.

Some hedges are of gorse which is now in flower.

Well, this is as close as I get to the lovely tree ridge today.

Zooming in a little closer for a better view. It's quite early in the morning and I'm taking the photos into the sun. Next time I'll try a slightly different route and an evening trip.

Now heading back and I pass more pretty farms and fields.

Beautiful blues and greens.

The road ahead.

Just more gorgeous greens and blues, fields and sky, trees and gate.

The little beech tree balls lining this section of road are rather attractive.

The hedges in these fields are kept very severely trimmed, they create quite dramatic lines across the landscape.

Lastly a view of a country church before I need to join the main road for a brief section (busy traffic certainly makes me put a bit more effort into my cycling!), then back to the parent's house.

We've had a lovely few days away, the nice weather makes all the difference sometimes. I have beach and woodland pictures to follow. And... I have finally finished my African flower crochet blanket so the TaDa at last for that is coming soon too. We'll be having a blanket photo shoot today while it's still sunny.


Valeria said...

what great pic´s you have there :) so pretty ,hope you dont mind i put a link to youre blog from mine

Apples and Pears said...

Fabulous bike ride. I love that part of Scotland. We had a holiday there a couple of years ago and it was lovely.....we had superb weather too! x

Lyn said...

Great post today, love your bike rides and the shotos just sing SPRING to me!
Looking forward to seeing some beach shots though.

Jude said...

Lovely, lovely photos...
I'm glad the weather was good..
looking forward to the blanket pics
Take care

Heather - The Good Life said...

Beautiful countryside and photos. Enjoy your day. :-)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous countryside, so beautifully captured in your photos (as usual) The greens are so vibrant now. Long may this wonderful weather continue!

Hazel said...

Great pics. Can't wait for your Tadaaa. xx

Jennyff said...

You obviously thought ahead packing your bike in the rain at home and were rewarded with fantastic blue sky and new views.

June said...

Another lovely bike ride! Yes, I noticed today that the gorse was in flower - beautiful! I just love it when the sky is so blue.
Have a good week!

Teresa Kasner said...

Thanks for sharing your bike ride in this lovely place. Gorgeous photos. I'm also looking forward to the beach photos.. we are going to the beach for 4 days at the end of the month.. will be fun to share those photos too.

Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)


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