Monday 11 April 2011

Rockliffe and Mabie Forest

Some sea pictures as promised...

While away we visited Rockliffe for a picnic lunch.

The view from our picnic spot.

These rocks were ideal for rock climbing (so claimed A, N did his best to follow in her footsteps).


It may look like we're miles from anywhere but Rockcliffe is a popular place to visit on a sunny day, and it even had an icecream van (Mr Whippy vanilla with flake and strawberry sauce, it was yummy!)

Nice old phonebox.

A quick peek at Sweetheart Abbey (from the carpark) on the way back to the parents.

Later during our stay we went to Mabie Forest.

Guddling in a little stream. Wild garlic starting to sprout, it'll smell delicious here in a few weeks time.

Anemonies on the forest floor.

Scots pines towering above.

Lastly some shots of my Mum's garden which always looks pretty.

Grape hyacinths. N enjoyed pulling all the little flowers off a few stems, I remember liking to do that too when I was little.

Peacock butterfly.

A rather striking Auricula.

And finally the gnome, he's surrounded by anemonies at this time of year.


Soili said...

Beautiful, just beautiful!

Teresa Kasner said...

Oh my goodness.. how wonderful a time you're having. Great shots, my friend. Did you bring some sea shells home?

Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

Diane said...

Gorgeous - I want to be there. x

Dawn said...

I just love rockpools - we don't have such things herein Suffolk so i have to get my fix on holidays!

tammykingdon said...

Oooh I'm green with envy! Hope you're not having snow now the weather's turned cold again!

Julie said...

Rockliffe looks lovely, I haven't been there. I love Mabie but have only ever been in the context of would be really nice to go as a visitor altho' I always find it hard to switch off if I'm visiting a Forestry Commission forest!
Your mum's garden is so pretty - i guess she has similar taste to you garden-wise?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for another lovely trip out somewhere new to me. As ever, photographed so beautifully. I have just awarded you with the 'Lieber Blog' because I so enjoy your blog, Anne.
Katie x


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