Monday 4 April 2011

Sunday Morning Bike Ride

Off up the hill through the woods. Looking up, the trees on one side are on a high bank above the road. Last years beech leaves are still brightening some sheltered branches. Starry moss. At the top of the hill I take a little detour up a farm track to photograph the daffodils. Fields and farm buildings. Tree silhouette and view over the strath, rain clouds in the distance. Daffodils, open gate and little tree topped hills. I'm just starting to relaise how attractive many of the farm buildings round here can look. This is a view from a B road I don't normally cycle along, I just fancied a change. I love the rolling countryside (looking very green here) with the clipped hedge in the foreground and more bare tree sillouhettes. Down by the loch, the sun is breaking through the clouds. Lambs. A horse with his jacket on. Yet more rolling green fields, trees, sheep and farm buildings. And again, now from the cycle path on the way home. A little secret - I would love to be able to paint. One of the reasons I like to take so many photos of different views is that one day I want to use them as inspiration for paintings. We can all have our dreams! Many of the trees and bushes on the cycle path had been recently pruned. I gather some branches with little catkins on them to take home, here they are poking out the back of the carrier on my bike.


June said...

Lovely posting. I like the photo near the loch - very atmospheric!

Teresa Kasner said...

Hi Anne... lovely bike ride.. I'm with June, my favorite photo is the sun sparkling off the loch. I think that is my favorite thing to see... reminds me of sailing my boat in the San Juan Islands and seeing that pretty sparkle.

Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

Cathy said...

I have just been catching up with all your lovely photos Anne. My favourites are the wonderful pattern made by the starry moss and the very atmospheric landscape with light on the fields in the middle. You have some very dramatic lighting up in your neck of the woods.

I like the poem too. Very intriguing. Children are a wonder. We had a mostly white cat with black patches and we were forever brushing our dark clothes. Jack is jet black so it is easier now...unless you are wearing a white cardy of course...haha.

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

Great photos again, I love the starry moss! So green. I always feel like getting out for a run/walk when reading these posts but sadly mostly read blogs at night and am drinking wine instead ;) Bethx

Lyn said...

I just love you bike rides, beautiful photos as usual. I hope you take a photo of the arrangemeny you make with our prunings!

Soili said...

What beautiful countryside!!! no wonder you want to paint it, I would too, but no talent here for that either... keep taking those pictures. Lovely bikeride!

Anonymous said...

Another enjoyable Andamento bike ride! Fantastic photos as usual and lovely to see the countryside greening up!


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