Saturday 30 April 2011

Our April Garden 2011

Garden update...

As with most of the UK the weather here has been glorious for much of April. Such a contrast to last year. Almost all the photos in my April garden roundup were taken today as it has just been such a beautiful day.

We even had the paddling pool in action.

In front of the plastic flowers in front of the shed the Autumn fruiting raspberries are looking healthy. They were planted last year so this will be the first year they fruit properly, all being well.

The peas are in. Fortunately hubby deals with all the veggies as I am not as committed a gardener as I used to be - things were easier till children appeared on the scene!

Grrr, there are loads of these pesky dandelion clocks on the bank beside our garden.

I did get round to planting up several pots with pansies and violas recently which was definitely worth the small amount of effort and expense involved.

If anyone knows the name of this plant I'd be grateful if they'd let me know what it is. It was in the garden before we came to live here.

Pretty clematis flowers.

The pinky purple lilac is now flowering.

The hosta is coming on. I have quite a few hostas, about fifteen I'd say. Last year the slugs discovered them though, so I'll need to make sue I deal with them this year (eeeuugh!)

Bleeding heart.

Promising pink hawthorn. None of the wild hawthorns are in flower here yet.

Aah, this plant was here before us too and I don't know what it called either. Any ideas?

Crab apple blossom.

Look at all those lovely flowers, we should have a healthy crop of apples this year for crab apple jelly making.


A little dunnock in the foreground being very brave. I think it was collecting food for its chicks as it's beak was full of beasties.


This pair of new little leaves on the white beam tree looks like a pale green butterfly.

Solomons seal on the front path, I planted it only last year.

Rowan leaves.

A last tulip.

In between photographing the garden and supervising the paddling pool I was able to do my first al fresco hooking of the year. Just one motif for the new blanket.

Oh well, May tomorrow, just where is the time going? Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend. I love May!


driftwood said...

your garden looks very pretty!
the blue flower is eternal cornflower, I've just bought one for our garden x

**Anne** said...

Your garden is glorious. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.
Anne xx

Jude said...

Love the garden.....
I've just been catching up on your crochet shawls and scarfs, the are lovely and I'm just about to start on Eva'a Shawl, I missed that one!!
Take care

Lyn said...

I agree the first flower is a cornflower and Ithink the yellow one is a keria, I can't tell without see ing the leaves.nWell April was a very floral month in your garden, lets see what May brings!

June said...

Lovely photos of the garden. I agree with you this year is just flying by. Hope May is as good weather wise as April!

Pomona said...

I am struggling with the dandelions this year, too - a real pain, and a product of last year's neglect!

Pomona x

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

Hurrah! looks like my comments are sticking today :) Lovely flower photos, your garden has a lot more going on than mine! Really love bleeding heart, keep meaning to plant some (we had them in the last garden) as they are so pretty. Bethx

marilyn said...

The blue flower is centauria.


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