Monday 2 May 2011

Sunday Morning Bike Ride

Yesterday morning I escaped early for my weekly bike ride, I could tell from the brightness of the sun shining through the bedroom blind that it was a gorgeous morning and I was keen to get going.

Straight away we have the first cow line-up of the year, and a pretty good one too!

An interesting little building. I liked the little window and the contrast of the white against the blue sky. This was at the beginning of a little road I hadn't cycled along till today.

It was just another unclassified road (we are lucky to have so many round here - they are excellent for cycling as they are only really used by farm traffic, cyclists and walkers), but the views from it were lovely.

Nice weathered gate post.

Little white cottage nestling amongst trees in the distance, brambles in the foreground.

Green fields, horses and hills.

A new tree to photograph, perfectly positioned on the horizon. Ferns unfurl along the roadside in front.

Baby leaves on the trees and patches of gorse amongst the green grass. This would make a lovely picnic spot.

At the end of this little road I decide to deviate from my planned route so that I can revisit the woods I went to last week and see how the bluebells are doing.

It means I get to cycle down this lovely little road. Sheep on the left, cottages on the right.

I like the pattern the dykes make here. There was a little lamb with the sheep but it was hiding round the other side of its mother.

A view of the little tree mound in the distance.

More patchwork fields and tree topped hills.

Then downhill to the loch where the National Model Boat Championships are being held. Not too many signs of acticity as yet, perhaps it livens up later on.

And here are the bluebells. Hmm, still not looking terribly spectacular, especially compared with woodland photos from more southern bloggers - this post from One Pink Goose contains the best photos I've seen this year.

They are still pretty though. I'll probably be back here again during the week for another look, I hope the bluebells won't be swamped by the bracken before then.

Then off onto a farm track which links the woods to the roads. I like the greens of the rolled field here with the farm building perched on top, and also the tree on the left.

Ignore the fence posts! This is supposed to be a picture of daisies, sheep, and a distant farmhouse. If I ever get round to using my photos for painting inspiration then the pesky fence can be magically removed!

More green fields, little tree topped hills and a white farmhouse. And of course the wonderful blue sky that we have seen such a lot of recently.

The twisty road towards home.

One last little bit of woodland to cycle through.

Beatiful new beech leaves, I love the light, bright green colour they are when they first appear.

We all went for another bike ride today (got to make the most of the weather while it lasts!). It was a little bit further afield so quite a different type of scenery to admire. I'll post the photos soon. I hope the bank holiday was good for you all too. It looks like the good weather should last here at least till Wed, then there are conflicting forecasts for the remainder of the week so we'll just need to see what happens then...


June said...

Lovely photos as usual - I do like your cycling tours. Especially like the cow line-up and the beautiful trees and patchwork fields!

Apples and Pears said...

I love that little white cottage! xx

Soili said...

Ok, I really need to get out more... biking, walking. I always thought it rained a lot there, but your pictures have a lot less rain than ours here. So pretty!

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

Love the cows all lined up - how nosey are they! Beth :) oh, having problems commenting on blogger blogs again so hope this one arrives.

Pomona said...

I love the cows - and your photos, as lovely as ever.

Cathy said...

The blues and greens in your photos are astounding Anne. Your weather certainly seems to have perked up. Our bluebells have been spectacular this year but are passing now. You still have yours yet to come. Love the cows lining up over the wall.

Alex said...

Superb bovine line up..!

The herd outside my house have been too lazy to stand up during this sunny weather :)


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