Saturday 21 May 2011

Sunny Spells

Thursday afternoon turned out not so bad after all. My washing dried and I zoomed round the garden taking a few photos during the sunny spells.



Hawthorn finally flowering. The buds on our pink hawthorn tree are still to open though.

I made some biscuits.

Choc chip cookies from All Colour Baking Book (2nd left).

They were nice but not as nice as the recipe I usually use (which can be obtained by following the link on my sidebar). I need more space on my cook book shelves and I'm trying to decide whether or not this book is a keeper. It has some fabulous looking fancy cakes in it but I really need an occasion to make one, perhaps the next craft night I host would be a good excuse!

On Friday morning the dry weather was still holding so N and I went for a walk to the woods (inspired by sitting under the turtle blanket which then takes on the appearance of a forest canopy)

A view through the woods to the steeple.

Following the path.

Wow, bluebells! For some reason I didn't think there would be blubells here. Thery're a little past their best, but at least I know a new place to come looking next year, and within walking distance too.

Looking up through the leaves.

Dinosaur feet.

Back to the village and along a favourite lane. I like the little door set into the wall on the right.

There is a lovely garden on the left here, it belongs to the house on the right which has a little bridge from the upper floor to reach it.

N and I don't make it back to the house in time to avoid the rain. A very heavy shower catches us about 300 yds from home. It can take quite a long time for a tired 2 year old to walk 300yds so by the time we reach home we're soaked. Although the shower only lasted half an hour or so enough rain falls to flood the school sports ground so A's sports day is now postponed till June. Here's hoping the weather has improved by then...


Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

You spent your time doing some of mty favourite things. Walking, seeig beautiful scenery and finally baking.
Really beautiful photography. Especially like the ladybird one and steeple showing through the trees.
Isabelle x

Hazel said...

Lovely lovely post. xx

periwinkle said...

now that looks like a gorgeous walk and I love those dinosaur feet. Thank you for posting about the monster purse too . I had meant to purchase one ages ago and totally forgot , it arrived today x

Anonymous said...

Hello, new to your blog I found you on Apples and Pears. Lovely pictures, looks like a great walk. :)

Mrs. Micawber said...

So many beautiful pictures. I love shooting up through leaves - although it's hard sometimes to capture the light filtering through them. The dinosaur feet make me think of Old Man Willow in LOTR. I can just see a couple of sleepy hobbits getting swallowed up in there.
The steeple shot is lovely.

Lesley said...

We used to call ladybirds bishy-bishy-barney-bees in Norfolk when I was a kid. Is that only a Norfolk thing? I still think of that name even over here when I see one.
Love the walled garden pics, and how amazing is that bridge from the house across the road? It's so lovely where you live!

Lyn said...

A lovely post and with great photos as usual. It is nice to see the area close to your house and the fun things you get up to at home!

June said...

Lovely photos! Like the one with the sun through the leaves and the dinosaur feet! Have a good week!


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