Tuesday 24 June 2014

Which is Your Favourite?

Our local show is fast approaching so I've hastily selected some photos to enter. Before they go before the eyes of the judges I'd like to hear your opinions please!

There are two categories:

First up are the entries for "Class 43 COLOURED SNAP, PEOPLE OR ANIMALS (postcard size or smaller in folder)"...

I'm hoping the evil cat look might appeal.

A different cow line-up won me a first prize one year.

 Just a cabbage white, but I liked the angle and clarity of the shot.

A painted lady, a type of butterfly that I almost never see in our garden. This particular one was one of six that arrived as caterpillars in the post one day, part of a butterfly garden set A had received for her birthday. I doubt though that the judges will know how unusual they are here. Often people confuse them with small tortoiseshell butterflies which are much more common. In turn, other people (even less well informed), confuse small tortoiseshell butterflies with red admirals whose name is more familiar but whose presence is rarer. I'm hoping the judges will like the contrast of the butterfly and hydrangea colours.

A examining a stalk of grass in a golden field on a beautiful day. I don't think it's what the judges will be looking for as the figure is very small, but you never know...

Now for my possible entries for the second category:

"Class 42 COLOURED SNAP, LANDSCAPE OR FLORA (postcard size or smaller in folder)

 Fantastic clouds over Robin Hoods Bay.

 The Quarrier's Warriors.

 Allium seed head.

 Sheep and mists.

 Daisy (with a hoverfly sneaked into shot)

 Rowan berries on a sunny day.


 Buttercups (from 2013 when they were amazing)

Sunset at Dunure, notice the seagull perched on the right.

So, what do you think? Which are your favourites? I'll probably enter three in each category. Exciting!

At the beginning of this post I mentioned it was a hasty selection. The reason why? Well...

I started doing this to our living room! After three weeks of constant work I'm glad to say it's almost all done. I'm just putting back all the stuff now and I love the end result - it was worth all the muck and grafting. Photos soon!

Tuesday 10 June 2014

The Great Tapestry of Scotland. Part 2.

I made it back for a second visit (with a few friends this time too). We were nice and early and it wasn't too busy. Still, after a slow look at the first couple of panels, we decided start from the end (which was empty of people) and view the panels in reverse order so we could go at our own pace.

This time I focused on the bigger pictures rather than the small details (see my first tapestry post for many more of those).

There is too much to take in, even in two visits. It's truly a remarkable piece of work, from the initial idea, the planning and organisation, the artwork and design, the stitching, and the preparation of the text to accompany each panel.


And well done to anyone making it this far. This is quite possibly the most photos in one post that I have had. Had it not started to get a little busier towards the end of our visit there would have been more...


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