Thursday, 12 November 2015

Hadrian's Wall and Other Roman Remains.

Here is the first set of photos from our week spent in the north of England away back at the beginning of October.

We spent the first night of our holiday in Chollerford near Hadrian's wall. Before arriving at our hotel we walked along a section of wall past the famous "Sycamore Gap" to Housesteads Roman Fort and then back again to the car - six miles and some of it quite hilly too. I remember getting rather hot and puffed out at times.

I photographed the robin while he was watching hubby and the kids play a game of chess with the giant sized chess pieces in the garden of the hotel (we stayed at the George Hotel, nice swimming pool and yummy breakfasts!).

We then visited Chesters Roman Fort. It's amazing that so much remains after 2000 years, I wish I had a time machine!

The cake pic is from the wee tea room at Chesters. I'm rather fond of the Fentiman rose lemonade. I've not seen it for sale up here, will need to seek it out.

I've a few (ahem!) more photos to post from our trip. We saw so much and were lucky with the weather.

Things are very busy again as I have a class full time till Christmas so lots of planning and prep involved before and after school, lovely kids though. Needless to say, blogging has been pushed rather down the priority list as something has to give. But I'm not stopping yet!


Mac n' Janet said...

We visited Hadrian's Wall a few years ago and found it fascinating, wish we'd had more time there.

primrosesattic said...

Never been but it looks fab. Glad you had a good time and the weather was kind. Breath taking pictures.

Teresa Kasner said...

You are so lucky to have seen that historic rock wall. I love the old stone house. Thanks for sharing.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. I'm glad you're still blogging, despite all the demands on your time, as I do enjoy your posts. I've not been to Hadrian's Wall - it's somewhere I'd like to visit. Must take the kids 'up North' before they all leave home :-) Sam x

Louise said...

Beautiful photos. This is somewhere I'd love to visit and that sycamore tree is a beauty, what a fantastic photo with your family standing beneath it!

Jennifer Hays said...

I have always wanted to visit Hadrian's Wall. How interesting. I think the weather looks perfect for visiting a place like that, it just seems right to have grayish skies. I love those photos of the tree in the distance, very dramatic. Best wishes with everything you have coming up. Take care.

Christina said...

Oh yes, a time machine would be grand to explore Roman towns, like Dr WHO but without the aliens. Lovely photos!

Anonymous said...

So that is what the Wall looks like! We were close to it at some point but it was during the foot & mouth outbreak so were not allowed near.

The rose lemonade sounds rather delicious, I shall try to track some down.

Amy at love made my home said...

Very beautiful and incredibly atmospheric photos! I love that lemonade and their non rose one too, and their ginger beer! Don't worry about the lots of photos, I am still sorting travels from September! I love to see where people go whenever it is or however many photos they have! xx

Penny said...

Wonderful photographs! Very atmospheric. I have never climbed on any of Hadrian's wall, though we do have bits of the Antonine wall near us; not a stone wall, but built up banks. Not nearly so dramatic, but I still like to imagine those poor Roman soldiers, huddled in the rain and wind, dreaming of the sunny climate of home! x

Unknown said...

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