Friday 29 July 2011

Back Home

A break from the holiday photos. Here instead is a little collection of photos of Things At Home.

The garden at about 7:30am. A late summer garden, the grass is heavy with dew, all is rather overgrown, and the day promises to be golden. We have indeed been having a good July weatherwise (which hasn't been the case for the last two years so it's very welcome). Notice the washing on the line - seven pairs of pants and jogging bottoms all from one day of potty training. I was just letting him go with the flow (so to speak), probably not a good idea. Now he gets plonked on the toilet every hour or so but we still have several accidents though the day. I'd abandoned the last attempt at potty training after 5 days but this time we need to keep going as he'll be starting nursery mid-August (woo hoo!)

What is this? I'm looking after a friend's garden while she's on holiday. This friend grows lots of vegetables and I'm allowed (encouraged even) to pick whatever is ripe - a fantastic reward for the little effort required. This is, in fact, a crystal lemon cucumber. At first it seemed to me rather an odd thing to grow. The advice was to peel before eating.

So I used a tattie peeler, seemed to do the job fine, and then had a taste - mmmmm delicious! It's very nice, much crisper than an ordinary cucumber and the children love it too. I'll be picking a few more of these before said friend is back. Perhaps we'll even try to grow them ourselves next year too.

(It's all a just bit random...) This is my hexie output for the holidays, mostly accomplished during scrabble games against (or should that be with?) hubby once the kids were in bed. Yes, I've been bitten by the patchwork bug and am attempting to make my first solo quilt. The hexagons are a lot easier than the shapes I did for the blocks in this quilt, and it's actually quite a pleasant task. Almost all the material I'm using is from the childrens' old clothes which they've now outgrown. I'd been keeping these since they were born with vague notions of making patchwork with them and the time had come to either use them or get rid of them, and, well, I'm very bad at getting rid of anything so patchwork here we come.

Here is the total stash so far - more blues and greens required methinks, I don't want it to be too pink.

Though I do like these pinks (a tenuous link, desperately trying to prove my blog is not so random after all). They smell absolutely scrumptious - no need to have to bend down and sniff, the scent is noticeable just when walking past the pot.

With May and June being so cold I was rather late in getting my window boxes planted. Indeed B&Q had stopped stocking bedding plants by the time I visited so good old Morrisons came up trumps again. I would have preferred nicotianas instead of petunias (again for the scent), but overall I'm pleased with them and they certainly brighten the place up.

Back to the sewing. I'd run out of thread so had to visit my thread box to see what I could use. This box originally belonged to my granny. Until I started blogging and flickring (seems any word can be changed into a verb these days) I hadn't appreciated how desireable old wooden cotton reels were, and I've got some!

The threads are in gorgoues colours too. I picked a modern spool to use seeing as I now realise these wooden ones are special.

Now on to some holiday souvenirs. On the way home we stopped off for lunch in Port Appin, a tiny little place in a beautiful location. There was an art exhibition on in the village hall, entry was free so we popped in for a look, and came out with a picture! It's by Helen Simcox (more of her work is available here) and I absolutely love it.

More souvenirs, just some of the shells we collected on the beaches near the caravan.

Normally I wouldn't collect the holey ones, I guess I was inspired by one of the projects in this book.

I finally made Andrea's yoghurt pot cakes. They were good.

I've done some gardening. Really, we do have enough Lady's Mantle now so I've been cutting it back and uncovered many snails which N enjoyed collecting and lining up on the slabs.

And I managed to squeeze in just a little more hexie making. Not a lot, but enough.


periwinkle said...

I'll have to check out those cucumbers I've never heard of that type before and now I'm going to look for the holey shells too ... it looks great and please don't tempt me with yummy cake , hope you have a lovely weekend x

Jacquie said...

Hi , just been catching up on your holiday posts ...stunning !!
I remember staying at Port Appin as a child and trying to catch crabs off a little jetty.
Your sunset photos are stunning and I love your big are they? I think patchwork is best made from scraps but sadly I don't have any pink little people ...still , there's always vintage sheets :0)

Jacquie said...

ooops , forgot to answer your question ...I think I will make another giant granny to keep. In more vintage colours as I love that look too.
I've been making hexagons for my kaliedoscope blanket whilst on holiday ,but it's just so slooow !!
Thanks for your comments your blog .
Jacquie x

Apples and Pears said...

What a loively post and I'm pleased you liked the cakes. Re potty training - I found that Thomas the Tank Engine stickers worked a treat with my boy...I kept a piece of card on the mantlepiece where he could see it and every time the potty was used he got to put a Thomas sticker on it. Good luck! xxx

two bones and a bagle said...

Hello have just read your comment on my blog. Camera is out of charge but I will do a post later today for you containing all the details you requested. Thanks for popping over. Debs X

Simone said...

The crystal lemon cucumber looks interesting! I have never seen one before. I love to see the holey shells all strung together. x

two bones and a bagle said...

Just posted if you want a peek.

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

I love the idea of making a quilt from the childrens old clothing, that will be a lovely keepsake, can't wait to see it develope. We used to grow crystal apple cucumbers, they were a bit hit with the boys so maybe it's one to try again next year.

I have a similar stash of cotton reels from my Gran and also 'keep' them (in a huge glass jar) but every so often I desperately need a colour that I can only find in this precious stash - I always feel guilty digging into it.


Mrs. Micawber said...

Your snails have such decorative shells! I never see snails in Wisconsin, but in California we seemed to have only the plain brown ones.

Small pieces of art are my favourite kind of souvenirs.

Those pinks are lovely (the flowers and the hexies), and what a pretty quilt that's going to be.


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