Sunday 31 July 2011

Shopping, Mostly.

No bike ride yesterday morning. Instead, I went shopping. I was looking for a top to go with a skirt I recently bought for a wedding. I didn't find one, but the sales were on and I bagged a few bargains while in town...

Long Tall Sally jeans (I take a 36" inside leg): £25 instead of £45
East white linen top: £25 instead of £55
East flower necklace: £7.50 instead of £15
Clarks pink shoes: £17.99 instead of £64.99

Home for lunch and then I managed to escape again in the afternoon to take some bags to the charity shops and, of course, have a rummage while there...

I like hand made pottery "things" so I was pleased to find the little tealight holder on the right (£1.49).

Loads of books for A, most 19p each, some 30p.

Four lovely picture books for £1.

I particularly liked the illustrations by Catherine Walters in "Charlie and Tess" showing beautiful wintry scenes including this lovely detail of a robin and a red wing amongst the holly.

The illustrations in "Freckle and Clyde" were also pleasing, I remember our cats striking similar poses.

A ceramic coaster for 49p

And a nice old fashioned jam dish for 99p. I'm quite happy with my jam in jars so it's more likely to be used for peanuts or tablet than jam.

I then visited Lidl...

...and purchased a bottle of the perfume everybody's talking about. (£3.99).

Now just some late July garden pics. I like to look back at these in the winter to remind me what summer is.

A bee.

Not sure what this beastie is, some otherkind of bee/hoverfly.

The rowan berries are starting to colour.

I liked the rowan leaves silhoutted against the ominous grey sky.

Some peas from the garden, just a handful.

Still delicious.

Inside to the tomato plants on the half landing. Still no tomatoes yet. They're perhaps not in the best position for sunlight but I need to stake them properly before I dare move them.

Dark choc chip muffins to finish off, just beacause.


periwinkle said...

Yep you certainly did bag yourself some bargains and just how long are your legs please !!! Not that I'm jealous or anything , I think you have about 9" on me lol.

Lynne said...

Pass the muffins please! Cute outfit you put together. Very summery.

June said...

Looks as if you had a really good time bargain hunting - so many books. I thouroughly enjoyed listening to our daughter reading The Secret Seven - as it brought back memories of my own childhood. Michael Morpurgo is a brilliant writer and his stories are always wonderful even though many are tinged with sadness. Lovely outfit too!

Annaboo's House said...

Ooo I love a bargain, me.
Those shoes are just lovely.

Great photos from the garden, too. (my tomatoes are showing no signs of fruiting, either)
Have a good week!

June said...

Just learnt how to become a follower and I've become one of yours! Thanks for the post about bargain hunting as today I went to one of our local charity shops on the way home from buying a hose for the garden which the dogs had kindly chewed - not only did I get four books for £1.00 for our daughter but I purchased three pairs of trousers for myself at £14 for all of them - one was from Monsoon, one French Connection and one from Next. I still can't believe my luck!

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

Great bargain hunting, I especially like the shoes (but I may have a bit of an addiction there ;) ).

My tomatoes are outdoors and are not doing great, we are getting our first ripe fruit but normally they'd have been producing loads for days by now. Probably my fault for not watering them enough.


Mrs. Micawber said...

I love buying secondhand books - they're such a steal. (And it's especially fun when they come with inscriptions.)

Those shoes are adorable.


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