Saturday 30 January 2010

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

Woo hoo, I'm back on my bike! It's been nearly two months since my last bike ride mainly because of unsuitable weather. It feels GOOD to get out again - fresh air, excercise and lots of great views for photos! This morning was very cold and frosty but unlike last Saturday most of the roads were dry and therefore ice-free and cycling-safe.

I set off with some vague notions of photographing the rising sun behind the standing stones so head down that way. The sun isn't really in the right position though but I take a few photos anyway hoping that passing dog walkers don't think I'm too daft.


Then it's off up the hill away from all the houses and people and out into the countryside.

Still not far from civilisation though - Paisley and Glasgow can be seen in the distance here.

As I climb higher I get my first glimpse of Ben Lomond.

Now I'm over the top of the hill. Up here the landscape changes dramatically and is wide and open. There are no towns or villages and few farms and it feels quite isolated despite being so close to Glasgow. This is the view looking back towards Ben Lomond again.

Through the avenue.

Sheep fluff on barbed wire.

A lone tree (Ben Lomond still visible behind).

Baa baa black sheep.

The wind is a little chilly here - just taking my glove off to take a photo makes my hand uncomfortably cold.

Once I'm up here I don't actually put much effort into the cycling as the roads are fairly flat and I tend to freewheel around admiring the views, taking too many photos (and getting cold!).

I'm now about to head down to Barcraigs Reservoir which is frozen towards its shores as can be seen in the above photo. There are several possible roads down, I take the one I've not been on before...

...and get an excellent view of this little cottage which I've often passed on the main road thinking it would make a nice photo, I'd never noticed the side road here till I was on it today - ideal!

Getting closer to the reservoir.

Here we are, with wild geese flying above too.

This is the first time I've seen this boat though I've come across photos of it on flickr - it feels almost like finally visiting some famous monument. Also in the photo above you can see a little walkway out to a tower in the water, that's where I head next...

...on the walkway over the reservoir.

Enough wandering about! Back onto dry land, back on the bike and then back through the lovely gates onto the road home.

I remember I've not taken a bike shot for a while, so here you go, not one...

...but two. It's at this stage, when I'm just about to start the big descent back down from the hills, that I remember my brakes aren't working too well!

I take it slowly and sensibly (boring!) and make it home safely. I've even enough time to scoff some pancakes and dye my hair(!) before hubby, A and N return from the Saturday swim & Grandad visit. The afternoon is spent with A and friends at a five year old's birthday party hosted by a Mum who is a phenomenal cake baker. A very pleasant day altogether.


periwinkle said...

gorgeous pics , I especially like the avenue ... we awoke to about 6" snow this morning -- no good for bike riding .

Lyn said...

Gosh you must be so fit, I got tired looking at the photos!
They are lovely, you do live in a beautiful area.

VintageVicki said...

Great photos - thankyou for taking us with you - much easier than having to cycle myself ;)

Vicki xx

Diane said...

You klive in a really stunning place - I envy your energy!! I too need to touch up my roots this weekend! Great photos as ever. xx

Yiota said...

Yay! Thanks for the ride!

AC said...

Stunning photos. We use to live just south of Glasgow until we had to move with hubbies job:-(
I do so miss Scotland. I'm just loving your blog photos recipes and crochet and will deffinatly be saving my pennies for one of your gorgeous mirrors:-)
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Take care,

silverpebble said...

What a beautifully photographed winter walk. I love patterns on that icy puddle.

You don't live too far from my sister!

Jennyff said...

Pleased you managed to get back in the saddle and under such blue skies, we are back to snow today.

Funkymonkey said...

Hi, it's lovely to meet you and to see all of your lovley photographs. I think you might have inspired me to get my bicycle out of the shed and cycling again.


Cathy said...

Gorgeous photos Anne. You must be brimming over with good health I think. I loved the sheep - it looks as if it has been dipped in very strong coffee and that tree avenue is out of this world. I love tree avenues. Are the gates the same ones as the snippet on your sidebar? Our weather is very misty and damp and mildish at the moment. The snows of several weeks ago seem in the dim and distant past.


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