Sunday 29 November 2009

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

It was a little on the cold side for a cycle ride yesterday morning so I resorted to wearing two pair of leggings (plus several tops!) - drastic measures indeed! Next time I'll also be wearing two pairs of socks.

The weather initially looked promising though. After climbing up my usual hill out the village I was above the low lying mist and it appeared as though the sun was managing to rise above it...

... but the mist won and soon I was surrounded by cold damp cloudy air.

Unusually for me, I'd set off with no route in mind. I just headed out my favourite road till I reached the junction where I needed to decide which way to go.

This was actually a little detour up a farm road to admire the red gate and post you can see on the right of the above photo. Also in the background you can see my favourite wooded mounds.

I made up my mind! After zooming down the lovely long hill, I turn off the main road (a B road so still not too busy though the car's can be a little fast) and head along one of the back roads lying between Kilmacolm and Port Glasgow. I'm out of the mist by this point although the sun still refuses to break through the clouds.

I then turn up a little road I've never been along before. I see a little robin (click to expand the photo above and you should be able to see him too) and catch a glimpse of a weasel or stoat.

The term "road" is a little grand for what is actually a dirt track and a very muddy and wet one at that. On the ascent it's not too bad, but the descent is a little slippy and there are quite a few large stones poking up through the mud. I'd never make it as a mountain biker - I'm such a woose! The brakes are on hard (and they're extremely squeaky so I'm not exactly passing by un-noticed!) and I'm even using my feet to slow me down, though not where it's too muddy - I don't want to get my shoes dirty! Having said all that, it's a beautiful road, very peaceful and I'll be back (in drier weather!)

Picturesque farm houses dot the landscape.

I spot some Highland cows just before I take the road to Quarrier's Village then home by the cycle path where I manage to make a dozy pedestrian literally jump a foot into the air when I gently (but very noisily) brake behind him. The chief mechanic has been informed of the brake situation. I scared away much of the wildlife with the racket I was making - I passed within 10 feet of a rather large bird of prey but was unable to stop for a closer look due to the noise my brakes would have made.

Back home, when I make my way up to the shed to put away my bike I notice the birds are now feasting on the holly berries.

It's time to take a few berried branches for the house before the tree is stripped bare.

And this morning I spot two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree. Alright, it's just a pair of collared doves in the cherry tree but it was enough to start me off!

Today was a lovely sunny though cold day...
...we had a rather nice sunset and I also managed to finish making my Christmas items involving mushy pea consumption and the freezer, I'll post the results tomorrow...


rockinloubylou said...

What a lovely wee robin. Your bike rides are getting increasingly wet! Love the birds in the cherry tree. What can you be up to with mushy peas and a freezer?

Diane said...

Great post with some exceptionally seasonal photo's. Lovely. xxx

Pomona said...

You put me to shame - I think I would have looked out of the window and sneaked back inside!

Pomona x said...

Oh my what a lucky girl you are to live in the beautiful countryside, lucky indeed!! Love the Holly, it's so pretty.


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