Monday 30 November 2009

Easy to Make Festive Tin Tealight Holders.

Ta Da!
Well, this is what I've been eating up my mushy peas for.

I got the idea for the design from this photo taken from a Christmas magazine...
...and the method from this book, plus I've also seen a version in this book.

It's very easy...
1. Collect 4 tins the same size (I used mushy pea tins as I like mushy peas! I also like the fact they're narrower than standard sized tins)
2. Remove the labels. Fill each tin with water and pop them in the freezer till frozen. The frozen water inside the tin maintains its rigidity while you...
3. ...Use a hammer and a large nail/screw to hammer holes into the tin. I drew the pattern on first with a non-permanent pen. I aslo laid the tin on a towel to stop it rolling around while I was working.

The first time I made a tin tealight holder was just before Valentine's day, so I did a heart design (sorry, don't have a photo handy) and found that varying the size of the hole through the design gave a nice effect. You could also turn your tealight holder into a lantern by making two diametrically oppostite holes near the top rim and attaching a looped wire handle.

For something so simple they're quite effective though perhaps a little "rustic" compared to the manufactured version. The room does need to be quite dark for the candle light to show clearly. I think they'd look nice placed outside, perhaps weighed down with some pebbles.

Changing subject completely... we had such lovely blue skies today, a pleasant change from the rescent soggy greyness.

It was cold and frosty all day.

A made a portrait of me using pebbles, so now you know what I look like!

I've quite a busy week coming up. A's nursery fair is on Saturday so I have homebaking (including tablet - will try and remember to take photos!) to make, plus some decorations to sew for selling at one of the stalls. I'm also playing in this concert on Friday so we'll be doing Christmas carols at rehearsal tomorrow night. I think this is the fifith year our orchestra will have been doing this show. It is usually an enjoyable night though I wish the concert was nearer Christmas - it always feels too early for me. Our proper concert is on Sat 12th if anyone fancies a riveting night out!


Marie said...

Your tealight holders are gorgeous,what a great idea! said...

I love your little NOEL candle holders, what a great idea. Thanks for sharing your pebble portrait, so cute he he!!

...Nina Nixon... said...

'Wow' that is very affective and a wonder idea.

Nina x

rockinloubylou said...

Love the tealight holders. I always wondered how they were made. Now I understand the hints about freezers and mushy peas. I thought perhaps you were making some kind of winter ice lolly for the birds!
country mouse xx

Cathy said...

What a brilliant idea Anne. Very creative and very Christmassy. I like mushy peas too. We had a very brief spell of bright and frosty and now it is raining again...pooh. The month ahead is for mild and soggy apparently. (Good luck with the concert).

Yiota said...

I like the candle holders; brilliant idea; can't make it though, no tinned food in this household.
I followed the link to the concert; good for you for participating in this worthy cause!

vanessa said...

What a great idea, I do love that make do and mend ethos you've got there, it makes all these different crafts so much more accessible and easy on the wallet, doesn't it? And thank you so much for the freezer tip, I wouldn't have known that one, thank you so much! Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

Jennyff said...

Such pretty little lights and I love mushy peas too.

bellaboo said...

I like other half likes mushy peas,so I'll be getting my hammer out too!


Anonymous said...

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