Thursday 28 January 2010

Crochet, Cakes, Colour.

Some colourful round the house pictures from the last week or so...

The granny square cushion cover has now been blocked. I'm thinking of adding a border round it before I make it up into a cushion so that the outer squares don't half-disappear round the cushion edges.

Blocking in progress. I put the joined up squares on top of a towel laid on the bedroom carpet. I then pinned them into place, sprayed them with tepid water and left them to dry. It seems to have done the trick though next time I would block the squares individually beforehand just because mine were so wonky.

I made my first cake from this book (here is a review of the book that reflect my feelings about it too).

I did intend to make the light chocolate cake but didn't have the necessary buttermilk so made this fruity one instead. It didn't satisfy my cake cravings at all, forcing me to raid the freezer for the last tub of Nigella's chocolate caramel shortbread that I knew I had stashed away (and have discovered can be eaten frozen) and of which I ate all five pieces (with perhaps a half hour break between the 2nd and 3rd piece so not quite all at once!).

Hubby loved it the cake though (he's a bit of a healthy eating type) and A enjoyed it too. N spat his mouthful out. I will be trying more recipes from the book though as I would like to cut down on the calories and fat but still have my cake (and eat it).

Artwork from A brightening up one of the kitchen cupboards.

Some hamma (actually the Ikea version) and aqua bead creations. I particularly like the little flowers made with the aqua beads. I'm thinking we might make more and use them to decorate a photo frame.

And the other crochet cushion - one side complete and the other side growing rapidly. I'm really enjoying making this cover - I've introduced three more colours for the second side and love deciding which colour to use next while watching the rings multiply.

Housework and mirror-making are all sadly neglected while I crochet away.

And for my footnote today, some nice slippers, hehe!


VintageVicki said...

Every blog I look on today has lots of lovely crochet in it :)

I really like the colours you've chosen :)

Unknown said...

Nothings better than the big 3 Cs. great color and pictures.


Jennyff said...

Great colours both in your crochet and A's artwork, must be a family talent.

Anonymous said...

I am going to wait for you to report back (if you do make more!) on the cake book, I was very tempted after reading the review, but I have so many cook books.....however, need to use up my home grown squash so cakes is a great use!!

love the crochet and you have got me into hamma beds for the boys - they love them.


kirsty said...

Lovely crochet and the duck drawing is wonderful! x

Kiersten said...

How do you make one of those round pillows? I love them and they look like they are quick? Thanks!


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