Saturday 23 January 2010

In Search Of Trolls.

Today I set out for a Saturday morning stroll while "the other three" attend swimming lessons and visit Grandad.

There was quite a hard frost last night and the roads are a little icy for me to risk cycling (6 ft height + large cake habit = a big lass & a potentially sore fall!)

I take the opportunity to walk where I wouldn't normally cycle, it involves a short stretch along a very busy road, there is a pavement but it's altogether rather narrow and even walking this section isn't particularly pleasant as the cars zoom past just a little too close for comfort.

Today it also means descending from sunshine into gloom as there is a little bit of a temperature inversion happening.

I'm not on the main road for long and after a short section along a lane I join the cycle path.

Despite being surrounded by a soft mist the sky above is remarkably blue.

I stop frequently to admire the frosty plant life...

I'm rather taken with the brightness of this ivy/creeper. It's entwining its way over one of the stones on a bridge high above a river beside which is a handy path for descending on a troll hunt... trolls under the bridge today, just a lovely (though drippy!) view from under one of the arches.

Shortly after the bridge I leave the cycle path and head back onto to unclassified roads... of which passes by a cattery, here's a detail from their rather attractive sign.

As I climb further uphill more views appear. The far away mountain on the left is Ben Lomond.

I'm now as high as I'm going to go on this walk. From here you can see how the mist lies on the low ground along where I've just been.

Not far to home now. This fellow is in the field next to the village.

I've just enough time to upload the photos and write this brief trip report before the others arrive back home. Here ends the peace & quiet! Enjoy your weekend.


Laura said...

Beautiful photo's, especially love the top pne, very dreamy.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos (as always!). It seems I always read your Saturday walks in the evening whilst sitting down with a glass of wine! Makes me feel slightly guilty (which is a good thing). Time I stopped putting off running due to the weather and get out and about again. Bx

Yiota said...

This was a gift sent from heaven! Oh my God, when am I going to see Scotland, when?
Beautiful, wonderful photos! Love them!

Helsie said...

Thanks for taking us on your nice walk. I really enjoyed it. It is a lovely break from all the heat down here.

Jennyff said...

Nice to get out though its still cold and frosty out there. Lovely views and great to see that greenery again.

Unknown said...

What beautiful color on this mornings walk. Love the first two. Did you play with the photos or are those true colors. Love the tones. Of course, see my sheep in the fields is always fun.

Where are the cows?...he-he..


Knot Garden said...

What a beautiful area you live in. The photo of the tree silhouetted through the arch is stunning.

rockinloubylou said...

Your walk along that road sounds hair raising but the rest of it looks lovely and so worth it. Great photos, as always. I almost feel I was there, except my feet are not sore!

driftwood said...

looks like a lovely walk. I agree that cycling on icy roads is too risky, last year I fell off when I hit an icy patch and almost knocked out 3 teeth - they're still a bit wobbly... put me off cycling rather......

Cathy said...

Very impressed with the scenery and your energy Anne. What a lovely peaceful day you had. The scenery around you is quite stunning.


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