Wednesday 6 January 2010

First Trip for 2010

Our New Year's resolution took myself, A & N to Semple Loch today. It's somewhere we visit a lot so it doesn't really count as a new trip BUT at the moment it's completely frozen over. We've never seen it like this so it is a new experience for us.

The children weren't actually too keen to go and did a lot of whinging while we were there. I also got a little frustrated at not being able to walk as far and as fast as I'd like and to take lots more photos so so it wasn't a complete success but at least we got out the house, and the sun was shining!

Swans sit on top of the ice.

The flat area to the right is the loch. There were quite a few dog walkers right out in the middle of the loch. We weren't so brave/daft.

Some more swans fly in. Despite wearing two pairs of socks the little girl in the foreground has feet so cold that they "sting like nettles" and isn't very happy.

The scene just in front of where we parked the car.

I took the Christmas decorations down last night. The tree is now out in the back garden, I like to get a Norway spruce as I love its fragrance, however, having been unable to smell anything since the middle of December it all seemed a little bit of a waste of effort this year. (A has been letting me know when N needs his nappy changed - one smell I don't miss!) While the living room was in disarray I decided to rearrange the furniture. It's still rather a mess but I'll try and tidy it up enough for a photo soon, just wish the room was a foot or so wider.

Tonight I'll be doing some more of this...

... I'm going to a friends for a craft evening and hope to do a couple more rounds of what is intended to eventually be a crocheted cushion cover.

The rounds are starting to take quite a long time to do now and it's not as "exciting" as it was in the beginning. Although I'm trying very hard to be random with the colours it is working out quite ordered in effect. Perhaps for the other side I'll do two rounds of each colour so that the bands are wider. Hmmm...


Lyn said...

Oh the walk was lovely, but it did look cold!
The cushion cover is coming along, stick with it, it will be worth it!

Unknown said...

Brrrrrrrrr...those swans look mighty chilled, even with those beautiful blues skies.

Have fun tonight with all those colors. It reminds me of jellybeans.

Jennyff said...

I love the photo of the children in the snow, so tell them it was worth going out for that alone. Keep warm, there doesn't seem to be any chance of a thaw for a while.

Diane said...

What a lovely lovely walk - you were verys sensible to not go on the ice. Its not showing any signs of melting or going away is it. xxxx

rockinloubylou said...

It must have been amazing to see a frozen loch. Can't believe people were actually walking on it though. Must be mad. Have they never watched Fireman Sam?

Anonymous said...

Lovely walk photos, I feel bad we have only been running around the garden, it's like and ice skating rink on our road and I can't face taking the boys on my own but hubby hates the cold (and he's German for goodness sake). Must get out and about this weekend! Bx


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