Sunday 4 October 2009

Sunday Morning Bike Ride

A Sunday run instead of the usual Saturday affair.

On Saturday morning I ended up taking A & N to swimming lessons (A takes the lesson, N just watches!) as hubby fancied a shot at a hill climb event run by the local cycling club. It turned out to be a Very Good Thing as the weather on Saturday was wet and extremely windy whereas today was glorious.

I set off at 8am, a little later than normal as I did have a little bit of couldn'tbebotheredness until I actually got up and realised what a fantastic day it was!

Just look at the colour and abundance of these rowan berries.

The ones in our garden have been scoffed by the birds long ago, but there seem to be plenty out in the wild.

A peacock scuttling away to avoid getting his photo taken.

Approaching this corner I spied a little loch through the woods. I got off my bike and went for a closer look.

The water was as smooth as glass with crystal clear reflections.

First cow picture for today's blog!

An unexpected view of the mountains in the distance on rounding a corner.

More berries and cows.

Onto a B road for a little while. Still not very busy but the traffic moves a lot faster than on the unclassified roads.

At this point I stop to put my gloves on as there is a long descent coming. Despite the sunshine the air feels cold at this time of year, especially when zooming through it on a bike!

Back on to the unclassified roads. I like the way the walls follow the folds of the hills.

My bike and I!

I notice a castle marked on the map so I take a little detour to visit it. It's very ruined. I didn't get any decent photos though the view looking up through the tree branches was nice! I'll return once all the undergrowth has died back a little to see if I can get a better picture of things.

I then take an unplanned detour when I miss a trun-off. I get to see a nice farm sign, pylons march over the hills behind.

I liked this chap's eyepatches.

Another nice sign to finish.


Yiota said...

Just as I started to worry that I won't get to see your lovely corner of the world this week...
Love the pictures of the loch.
Have a great week.

Jennyff said...

You were wise to go out today, much better weather at least it was here. So nice to see that deep blue sky even though there are many shades of autumn in your photos.

Diane said...

The Rowan berries are stunning this year - another great bike ride. xxx

rockinloubylou said...

Great pictures. The long descent sounded fun!

Cathy said...

Hi Anne, I really enjoyed the tour through your pictures. I love the scenery where you live. The roads seem so quiet, not like our horribly busy ones. I love the cows mosaic. I am thinking of drawing a cow soon. They are one of my favourite animals.

How lovely to win some of Jane's beautiful craftwork. So gorgeous.

Pomona said...

I'm not sure the one with the sunglasses enjoyed having his photo taken! I wish you lived closer to me - I need someone to motivate me to go and do some exercise!

Pomona x


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