Sunday 18 October 2009

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

Brrrr! A cold start to the day. Glad of my gloves I freewheel down the road from our house at about 7:45am. The sun was just peeking above the trees and it promised to be a lovely day. By the time I'd puffed my way up the big climb out of the village I'd warmed up nicely!

A light frost dusts the fields.


Funky farm sign.

Looking back at the Clochoderick Stone just before the crossroads where I turn right...

...past gorgeous scarlet berries...

...frosty leaves at my feet where I stop to take a photo.

There was a little robin bobbing about here, his red breast matching the ball topping the gate post. Sadly he didn't linger for a photo.

I like this knoll of trees silhouetted against the morning sun.

Colourful farm building roofs.

I'm heading up to the country park we visited with the car last week.

The glen is full of gorgeous glowing autumn colours.

The air is very still. I leave the bike at the visitor centre and walk up to the top of...

... Windy Hill. This week it's not windy at all. This is the cairn at the top.

The view to the other side.

Then back down through the woods.

This fabulous horse chestnut is just beside the visitor centre. As it's such a beautiful day (and there probably won't be many more of them this year!) I decide to get back on the bike and head 3 miles further up the glen on rough track to the old mine.

There's not actually that much to see, this is the view looking back down the track from the old mine. It wouldn't be a particulary exciting walk. You do feel that you are quite in the middle of nowhere though.

Ignoring the healthy banana I've been carting about in my bar bag I buy a double decker at the visitor centre for breakfast then head off back home.

I really enjoy the gentle downhill cycle along the beautiful autumn roads.

The sound of roaring water attracts my attention as I approach the next village. I didn't know this waterfall was here - another new discovery!


Lyn said...

Wow I am impressed! Lovely countryside and great photos, makes me want to dust off my bike and go for a ride before the rest of the wakes up.

Yiota said...

I soooo love these posts. The first picture with the frost could be framed! (and it's not the only one!)

Diane said...

What really lovely photographs. I quite like frost - its very magical.

rockinloubylou said...

Bin the banana! I like your style!

Jennyff said...

Great snaps, particularly the frosty ones. I'm embarrassed to say I haven't been up before the white has disappeared from the garden, you put me to shame.


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