Sunday 11 October 2009

Saturday Afternoon Cycle Ride Amongst Other Things.

Another Saturday morning when I didn't go cycling! This time my excuse is that I went shopping instead.

I got the train into the big city...

... and this is the only photo I took. I'm somehow a little self-conscious taking photos when there are other people around.

I had Long Tall Sally vouchers from two Christmases ago and decided to put them towards investment in a new coat. This is the one I plumped for in the end. I'm not much of a shopper, aside from a pair of jeans also from Long Tall Sally (I take a 36" inside leg!) I didn't buy anything else. I had a look in a couple of "normal" shops and was rather shocked to discover how much fashion has changed in the last couple of months. I loved lots of the summer clothes that I'd seen but I really don't like any of the winter collections at all, perhaps because they remind me too much of the hideous outfits I wore in my teens during the 80's!

Anyway, I was home for lunch. After lunch we decided to go on a family cycle ride to test out our latest toy, kindly loaned from one of my husband's fellow cycling club members...'s a tag-along and it's never too early to learn how to set one up!

A was rather happy with it and was keen we take it for a hurl.

We set off along the cycle path to the loch. The only disadvantage in using the tag-along is that I now need to pull the trailer.

Bike shot with a difference this week!

From the cycle path we get a good view of the folly that featured so much in this post. This is as close to it as I've been. It's on my to-do list to walk up to it one day.

I like this seagull sitting on a buoy on the loch, just wish I had a better zoom on my camera.

When we get back home there are some of these left waiting for us. They're my attempt at singin' hinnies using this recipe from Applique. They were very nice, I'd make them again. I did only make half the quantity recomended (25oz flour!) and there were plenty.

This morning, Sunday, we drove up to our local regional park and went for a walk.

We start off through the woods.

And then up into more open country.

We were planning to walk up to the top of Windy Hill, but as it's name suggests, it's very windy. Far too windy in fact. N wasn't enjoying it at all, so we turned back, probably only about 50ft from the top.

Down through the woods again.

Once we were out of the wind it was actually quite warm and it was a lovely day. I wish we'd brought a picnic, will definitely do so next time.

N decided he'd had enough excitement and eventually nodded off in his back pack.

Not only is the park full of beautiful scenery but the drive up to and back from the park was lovely, I think I'll do it for my bike ride next weekend...


Pomona said...

It is the most beautiful scenery - and all that fresh air was obviously sleep inducing! I should think the cakes had a great restorative power afterwards!

Pomona x

rockinloubylou said...

wow, what an energetic family you are! you will be able to eat lots of singing hinnies with that level of calorie expenditure!

Jennyff said...

My goodness that was an out and about weekend, the trip to town alone would have exhausted me but worth it for that lovely coat. Great to be out in the fresh air in such gorgeous scenery, sets you up for the week.

Diane said...

What gorgeous scenery - its definately turned from Summer to Autumn though. Can you let me have your adsdress as my pay it forward gift to you is almost ready. Thanks xxx

Unknown said...

I missed soooo much of your beautiful scenery last week being away. Great to catch up, but looks like fall is in the air there as well...

Great to see the bike are still going.

Marie said...

Lovely pictures of your walk, such beautiful countryside, I feel like I'm breathing in the fresh air too. I agree with you about the autumn/winter clothes in the shops at the moment; they were fine in the 80s, but I wore them then and I don't want to wear them again!!

Cathy said...

Stunning scenery as always. I was very impressed with the bikes and their additions too.

I enjoyed seeing your crochet and origami work too. The flower is very pretty and pastel. As for crochet - never could get the hang of it, so I just look at other peoples' work.


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