Friday 2 October 2009

Cow Mosaic

Yay - my first photo mosaic!

It's courtesy of Big HugeLabs and it's free! I'd seen BigHugeLabs mentioned on a couple of blogs, namely Garden Bell and Everyday Life and I'd like to recommend it too. Using photo mosaics mean that you can upload more images to Blogger without using up as much file space, which for me is a good thing (I like pictures!)

Seeing as I seem to be forever photographing cows when I'm out on my bike (there are rather a lot of them round here!) I thought I'd make them the subject of my first mosaic. I didn't actually have as many cow photos as I thought, but there were enough for a 3x3 mosaic.

Contrary to yesterday's post, the weather doesn't look as if it'll be great so I expect I'll be taking yet more photos of cows in the rain on my bike ride tomorrow morning! Hopefully there'll be some lovely autumn colours too...

Enjoy your weekend!


Lyn said...

Mosaics are addictive! be warned!

Diane said...

and Lyn should know - she is a total mosaic addict!! I must admit that I struggle a bit with them - i'll have to give them another go.

Unknown said...

Gotta love that BHLs. Isn't it too much fun to see things like this all put together... Thanks for the shout out... I so enjoy your world.

Yiota said...

Thanks for sharing that. I've been idmiring people's mosaics and wanted to find out how it's done. I think it's very useful. I'll give it a try.
Looking forward to tomorrow's bike ride.


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