Saturday 24 October 2009

Wine, Cheese & Crafts

Last night I took a stall at a social evening held to raise funds for A's nursery.

I'm first to arrive for setting up so I bag the display area next to the wine! Tablecloth out first, then I arrange my wares...

...ahhh, lovely glassy beady baubles! I made the jewellery pieces about two years ago and went a bit daft at the time buying up beads! Last night I cut my prices and did manage to sell quite a few items.

Both beaded watches are now sold as are half the pendants and a few of the bracelets.

Most of the earrings have also gone. I've still a lot of beaded necklaces and sets left though and no takers for any of the suncatchers.

However, I sell my newest mirror, the one with the fern design...

...and I'm asked to keep by the birdie mirror.

I drink a few cups of red wine, munch several scrumptious cheesy nibbles, win a bottle of wine in the raffle and generally have a lovely evening chatting to friends, all of whom are other Mums from the village that I've been very lucky to come to know through having children.

As I type this A is singing me a "groovy song" at the top of her voice while wearing her new High School Musical cycling helmet bought this morning by daddy which she hasn't yet taken off. I'm finding it a little hard to concentrate so will finish now.

Oh, and I sold one fridge magnet!


Unknown said...

OH, so now I get the alkaseltzer and banana before your ride...he-he...glad you had a fun and successful evening.

Jennyff said...

Your stall looked brilliant, so pleased the evening was such a success.

rockinloubylou said...

As an avid follower of your blog, I don't know how I managed to miss this post. Your stall looks wonderful. Lucky mums to be able to buy your handmade jewellery. And I love the robin mirror - very sweet motif.
country mouse x


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