Wednesday 21 October 2009

Craft Fair Preparations

I've a little craft fair coming up on Friday night so I'm busy getting a few things ready. It's a good incentive for finishing off some lingering craft projects such as...
... these blobby glass fridge magnets.

This one's my favourite, so I've kept it! It's jazzing up my fridge right now and looks rather nice even if I say so myself.

It's useful to have cheaper items to attract browsers who aren't really interested in investing in one of my mirrors.

I also have quite a few jewellery items. I discovered the pleasures of playing with beautiful glass beads and pendants a couple of years ago and became quite distracted by them for a while!
The photo above is an old one of a bundle of bracelets. I don't have any recent photos of my jewellery but I will take a photo of my table display at the craft fair before they're all sold (haha!) to put in my next post. I'm not planning on making any new jewellery items to sell as my main focus is my leadwork.

I'll therefore be taking these leaded mirrors...
The event is within walking distance and involves wine and cheese so I only want to take what I can carry! It's a fundraising event for A's nursery and to be honest the wine is usually more popular than the stalls so it's not worth the effort taking all my mirror stock along.

Among the mirrors above is one that I just finished this week...'s a new design. I'll see if it's popular before I'll make any more.

I will also take along a couple of suncatchers including this one...
... the robin is one of my favourite design motifs, regardless of the time of year.

October has turned into a very busy month. Craftwise I'm also working on three personalised mirrors which I need to finish before the 31st. My crochet has had to be hidden away to prevent it distracting me!


Pomona said...

I love the things you have made - the fridge magnets are a really good idea. I also adore bead bracelets - if they are on your website I might have to drop some hints about them! The robin is beautiful, too - they are my favourite bird.

Pomona x

Yiota said...

Your crafts are very beautiful. I like the idea of the fridge magnets and you mirrors are just fabulous. Hope the fair goes well.

Unknown said...

Love those mini-magnets for the frig. I kept going back and looking at them again and again... that is until I got down to the Robin. He is great. Good Luck at your craft fair. Sure wish I was in the neighborhood, as I would be scooping up some goodies forsure.


Diane said...

You are so clever. I love all the things that you have made. xx

Lyn said...

I am busy getting ready for a craft fair on Saturday-scary! I don't think I will have much to show, yours will be all sparkly!
PS hope you sell lots!

andamento said...

Thank you for all your kind comments - they're much appreciated!

Cathy said...

Have a great time at the craft fair Anne and I hope you sell some stuff, even if the wine is popular...haha. Your new mirror design is beautifully simple, and the fridge magnets are great.

Jennyff said...

You have loads of things to sell on your stall, I hope its a great success. I can understand why the little robin is a favourite, its beautiful.


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