Wednesday 28 October 2009


This morning, A gets creative with the syrup in her porridge...

... look, it's a sunflower!

Hubby is off on holiday this week. Mainly he's using the time to prepare raised beds for increased vegetable production next year, but today he takes a break and we go for a little family outing on the bikes.

I hadn't actually realised (honest!) but we seem to have had a lot of rain recently. The water levels are very high as you can see.

We go for a walk in the woods at the bird sanctuary just a little bit further along the cycle path from our normal lochside stop.

The beech leaves in particular are very colourful just now.

I liked the mossy green tree trunks here.

It's quite interesting to be on the other side of the loch from normal, looking back towards the village. It looks very overcast but it was actually quite a pleasant morning (no rain!)

We peek at these swans from one of the hides.

On the way back home along the cycle path geese were flying overhead. When I see the geese it always puts me in mind of one of my favourite poems "The Wild Geese" by Violet Jacob; it's often set to music like a folk song (you can hear it on the site I've linked to) and it reminds me of Angus which is the lovely but not particularly well known part of Scotland I grew up in.

We manage to make use of some of the carrot harvest at tea time. Hubby is very pleased with his carrots!

Whilst traipsing up the garden to collect a few carrots (they're still lying out on the bench even now) I notice the beautiful pink clouds as the sun sets on another day.


Yiota said...

I enjoyed your bike ride (and the previous one) sooooo much. Seriously, I can't decide which side of the lock is more beautiful. I love it all.

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

What lovely views once again, you live in a lovely part of the world.
I love porridge, especially with agave nectar, a sweet tasting syrup but with a lot less sugar content. So pleased it exist as I have such a sweet tooth!
Your carrots look fantastic. Our neighbour grows organic veg and we buy from him, until our back garden is completed, then we will grow our own.
Isabelle x

Lyn said...

This is a different look to your morning rides in the country. I love the geese photo, makes me a little sad though when I see the geese flying over!
Your carrots did better than ours this year.

Marie said...

Lovely photos, those autumnal views are stunning. Very jealous of you carrots too! But you're right, it has been raining a lot this week:-(

Pomona said...

Wonderful carrots - very professional-looking!

Pomona x

Cathy said...

I love coming on your journeys with you. Everywhere is gleaming and wet - just shows how much rain you have up there. We are very short of water down here in southern England. Our rivers are running (or not running) dry. I really like the pictures of the trees in the last post too. That is a wonderful dovecote too.


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