Friday 2 October 2009

Red and Blue Mosaic

Ahhh, it may indeed become addictive!

Here's another mosaic, the common theme for this one is supposed to be red and blue.

I'll need to upload more photos to flickr for yet more selections... but not tonight!

Now I'm going to switch off the computer so I can concentrate on my granny squares. I've done eight of them so far so I'm half way through my cushion cover.

Hmmm, granny square photos will make a nice photo mosaic...


Lyn said...

I told you so!

Yiota said...

Love this one, too. Go visit my blog again if you want. I added a mosaic, too. I couldn't use your program though and downloaded Picasa. Piece of cake. Now my ironing will never be done!

Marie said...

I like your mosaic, the colours are lovely and very fitting for the autumnal climes we're enjoying now :-)

Unknown said...

Someone is a in a BHLs kind of mosaic mood... Loven' this one tooooooo....

BUT, let's talk about the new header with the peeking cow. This is truly one of my all time favorite pictures. And believe when I say I look at a lot over on FLICKR... KEEP IT. IT"S GREAT.


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