Tuesday 24 April 2012


Grrrr, I'm still not liking the new Blogger set up. My pictures have uploaded in a strange order and I don't have time to faff around moving and trying to recentre them. I'm not even supposed to be here, I should be hoovering and tidying up and all that stuff. Never mind, I just wanted to post some pics from last week before it was too late. So here we go, even more random than usual, how exciting...

I made the chicken with almonds and apricots again and this time I wasn't in such a rush so managed a photo. I've also found a link to the recipe (a little modified) here if anyone fancies trying it. It's yummy.

The first rhubarb from the garden. I think some rhubarb shortbread will be appearing this afternoon.

These snails are no longer in my garden. They're enjoying life (while it lasts) in the compost wheelie bin. A small effort to make my hostas less holey this year. It's the slugs I really need to get, they'll not photograph so well though methinks.

Charity shop bargains. Used lego spacecraft sets, £1.25 the lot. I thought they'd be good for parts but to my amazement every single piece was present and correct. It must come form a very well organised home, well done that Mum! They are displayed on my new table cloth from the same charity shop, pushing the boat out a little at £3.99 but a bargain compared to buying one new. Though if I'd spent the extra money I could have got one that matched the curtains better. Still, we feel most sophisticated having summer (this one) and winter (the red polka dot one) table configurations.

Now we're at a park for a tree branch shadow photo.

Prior to going to the park we popped into another charity shop. Some fabric for the patchwork quilt (£1), a What to Look For in Winter book (10p - just the Autumn one to find now), and a strangely smelly but very pretty jug (£3.50, gulp, but I liked it, and it's for a good cause...)

Now some photos from a real wander...

The End is at the beginning. Sadly I see some numptie has obliterated my favourite grafitti motif here, the little polka dot heart you can see in the middle of this post. At least I have a photo of it I suppose.

The view from the bridge.

You have to climb up high to see it.

Turquoise and brown, a rather nice colour combination.

Chimney pots and jackdaws. Similar, but not the same as the ones we see from our back door.

It's a long push up the street.

I like when other bloggers post photos of streets near where they live. What may seem so ordinary to a local can be foreign and exotic to a stranger. (OK, "exotic" might not apply here specifically!)

Does anyone know what this shrub is? It has lovely star shaped white flowers and copper coloured leaves. I want one!

Now back home. I was going to polish this pair of A's shoes for passing on to a friend as they no longer fit. However, I rather liked the scuffed toes and was reminded of the image on the front of this book which has made me feel sentimental about them so they're back on the shoe shelf at the moment.

Right, where are we now. A roly poly image of N's striped blanket, the Garish One. Some days I love it, some days I'm just not sure. My Dad says he'd get a migraine if he had to look at it for too long. I've enough yarn left for another eight or so stripes, then it will be border time. The ends for this one are not a problem as there as so few on a stripey blanket when compared to a granny blanket. So another TaDa coming fairly soon I hope.

Lastly, we're back at the tree on the corner. Thank you for all the comments on the post I did of the photos through the year. I made a little mosaic of the images I thought best represented Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. I think the tree is an ash tree. I always meant to check the leaves to confirm but I can see why now I haven't done so as there are only leaves on the tree for two months of the year. The effects of season changes are best seen in the fields round about, the tree itself is almost always bare. A shame in a way, as it would have been lovely to have one which showed some Autumn colours. Not to worry.

Right. Off to tidy & clean. Have a nice day!


VintageVicki said...

Am getting used to blogger slowly but surely. I've always just loaded the pics up and then put them on one at a time - saves me swearing!!

Well done on the ladybird bargain - 10p!!

Gillian Roe said...

Great charity shop bargains! It looks so beautiful where you live. I totally agree about photos of local streets - i love it, it gives a sense of place to the blog and architecture and scenery changes so much even across the uk. x

Claire said...

A lovely post Anne........great collection of pics even if they are in the wrong order (grrr blogger!!)
Love the chimney pots and Jackdaws and you are right....what can be mundane and everyday to us, can appear interesting to another.

The chicken recipe sounds delish and Rhubarb shortbread,mmmmm.....

I knew the book you were referring to straight away. I loooove sweet little red shoes, I couldn't give them away either.

Oh sweet little Ladybird book and I would've bought the jug smelly or not, hehe........great charity shop finds...

Claire :}

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Fascinating post and you are lucky picking up Ladybird books for 10p, they are charging a £1 each down the road at our charity shop. I think I need to venture further out for bargains. x

Julie said...

You're right about the street photo - I do love seeing where other people live......no reason it can't be classed as exotic! Juliex

Anonymous said...

Your jug reminded me of one that my Mother had all those years ago in Wales.

The blossom looks like Amelanchier to me, it is beautiful almost all year.

rockinloubylou said...

What a numptie right enough. I agree about how nice it is to see the day to day streets of fellow bloggers. Your village with its pink houses is particularly picturesque.

elsy said...

new blogger....not a fan as yet.....really like that jug though!

rockinloubylou said...

PS love the tablecloth. my second favourite blog, coffee lady, has the apple one!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Those snails are rather handsome, aren't they? I envy your charity shop finds. I never seem to see nice fabric or yarn in the ones I visit here.

Turquoise and brown are gorgeous together.

Re the photos: I use Picasa 3 (free program) for photo editing, then upload the photos into Picasa Web Albums. (I can work on other things while they upload in the background.) From there it's very quick to insert them into a post. The order on which you click is the order in which they appear on your page. If something's not right, you can just remove the photo and re-insert it.

And if you ever post pics on Ravelry, it's also super quick to copy the URL and slurp it from Picasa (but you have to have the picture up on your page when you copy the URL, or it will come out blurry on Ravelry).

You probably already use Flickr or something else which has these features but I just thought I'd mention it. :)

sue said...

Lovely post Anne, I'm jealous of your rhubarb I had some in my garden years ago, a huge clump. Then a rabbit came to live with us, she was big and greedy and ate the lot! I know I thought it was poisonous too but she thrived on it LOL! I loved those ladybird books when I was a little girl, my favourite was the Winter one too! have a great week.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I so know what you mean about seeing the streets that others see, what you describe is exactly what I felt seeing your street scene, which I'd know as Scottish having worked in Scotland in the past. I must take some street pics of my own, I wonder if they will look Welsh :D

Lyn said...

another lovely post and great charityy bargains...well done.
I love the mosaic of the tree on the corner.

Jennyff said...

Despite your blogger frustration, tell me about it, you've managed to produce a great post. I love that little jug, worth every penny.


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