Wednesday 2 May 2012

April Garden 2012

Some photos of the last week or so of April. Unlike much of England, we've been having quite nice weather. It's been cold, but dry and mainly sunny. From some media reports you'd think the whole of the UK was under a two week deluge, but just because it's raining in London it doesn't mean the whole country is affected...

We start in the garden.

Polly The Cat and a dandelion. I'm not a fan of dandelions in the garden. Anywhere else is fine. But not in our garden. If they were blue or purple or pink or any other "nice" colour then somehow that would be fine, I guess I just don't like the garish yellow. Polly is a new addition to the houshold and is from a Build A Bear Party that A attended. I hope our gift to the Birthday Girl gives as much pleasure as the party favour does to A.

Two of the camellias finally flowered. This pink one was my favourite.

It is always a delight when the white beam leaves start to unfurl.

Looking up through the little acer tree.

 Tulips. New this year. There are still some yet to flower so I expect there will be more photos of these later.

The clematis near the front door. 


The camellia again.

Away from the garden now and a first for us...

...last weekend we went geo-caching. No treasure, just a little roll of names but still quite exciting to find. We stopped here for a picnic, then went on a long walk. I took lots of photos, but I have only included a couple here as I'm a little short of time.

 Sunlight through leaves.

Pausing to look at the Witches Broom - "easily identified as an abnormal dense cluster of twigs growing from a central source, many upright or spreading and is easiest to see when there are no leaves on the trees".
I didn't know what witches broom was till I read it a while ago in a blog (sorry, can't remember which one), perhaps someone else will find out something new through reading this.

So, April is now gone, and very quickly it passed too. May has arrived. Today has been gorgeous - sunny but warm with it. In terms of the seasons it's my favourite time of year, but this year it's also going to be a busy month. Let's see how we'll get on...


Claire said...

Your garden must be looking a picture at the moment Anne, those Tulips are stunning. I must buy some more bulbs this year. Love the stark whiteness of the Clematis with it's green centre.....

Interesting snippet about the witches brooms, I would've assumed they were birds nests otherwise.

Glad you are getting some fine weather, nice to see the blue sky pic.

We've been having lovely Autumn weather up until yesterday which was grey, gloomy and wet........which I did enjoy.
Today we're back to blue sky and sunshine ☀❀

Claire :}

flowersandhome said...

Loved the colourful tour in your garden!
Isn't geocatching exciting? Last fall we also found a geocache or how do you call it, and it's surprisingly fun to find, even if it's just a roll with names(no treasure either in our case, and we hadn't brought a pencil or anything, so we couldn't even write our names on that rolled up list ;)

Rosangela said...

Lindas, lindas imagens.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Had you not included the info on witches' brooms I would have thought they were nests.

Lovely, lovely garden pics. The camellia, the acer (which I think is called Japanese maple over here), the tulips, the clematis with their fresh green centers, are all so beautiful.

I also like the extra fingers on Polly's paw.

Anonymous said...

Just like Mrs M, I thought they were nests too.

It is not raining only in London you know but over most of England especially in the east at the moment.

A beautiful post about your garden.

Rattling On said...

Gosh, your garden is miles ahead of mine. Most things here haven't even leaves on yet! Love the clematis.

Lyn said...

Lovely flowers in your garden and I love the sunlight through the leaves!

Dawn said...

Lovely photos but so unfair - send me some sunshine!

Gillian Roe said...

What a lovely garden, so much colour! Gorgeous tulips. Glad someone had some sun - nice to spy some blue sky in your pictures.

Anonymous said...

Based on the images that you have shared. I have no doubt that you do have a beautiful garden and lovely flowers. You definitely done a good job in keeping it very lovely.


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