Saturday 21 April 2012

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

We awoke to a lovely sunny morning. Rain was forecast for later so I set off early at about 07:20 to catch the best of the weather.

Passing the field at the top of the village I notice it to be filled with ewes and their lambs.

I like the little ridge of trees you can see in the distance. The last of the daffodils are brightening up the foreground.

More daffodils, they'll be gone soon for another year.

Tada! An April shot of the tree at the corner. First mission accomplished. I then set off for my second bike ride mission, the location of which is not quite so close by...

Posing rook.

Sheep roundabout.

Dry stone dyke in front of a sunny field of cows and their calves.

Past the soldiers.

Lovely views over the wonky fence to the rolling fields.

The road ahead. Great clouds today!

A favourite view with the long cottage on the right.

Two trees and puffy clouds.

On to a B road now. Still quiet as it's early. Looking South, the direction I'm headed.

Same spot looking East towards the sun. Pregnant ewes wander away from me and my camera.

Same spot, looking back and to the North. Look, there's a car!

After puffing and panting my way uphill for a couple of miles I finally reach The Top. I'm so chuffed I even start singing that song, you know, by The Carpenters, altogether now...

Lovely wide open spaces. After a little while the road descends, it's smooth and straight. Hmmm, I do actually say "wheeeee" as I glide downhill.

Getting closer to my objective now. Here we're looking over the loch from the path that leads to the back of the woods.

We've arrived and, well, I'm too early, as I thought I might be. The bluebells here are only just starting to flower, you can see a few blooms if you look very closely. I'll need to wait at least another week to accomplish the bluebell project. I carry on and push my bike up the path.

A little tricky but we made it.

Some more pushing and we're at the very top of the hill looking back down over the loch. Once back down the other side the path becomes easier and I'm able to cycle again.

Out the woods, along this pretty landrover track, on to the cycle path then home.

After parking my bike in the shed I take some photos of the garden. I'm glad I do. The mossy saxifrage was looking most pretty...

... till this afternoon. We'd been to a party. Driving home felt like being in a time machine as we passed through the next town to find slush on the road and cars covered in what looked like snow - odd to be thrown so unexpectedly back to winter. Our village was also affected and our garden was white. It was just a very heavy hail storm. But look at my plants!

First post in the new blogger format. So glad I know a little bit of html or I'd probably be flinging the computer out the window by now!


pembrokeshire lass said...

I was too early for the bluebells as well! Still you had a wonderful ride!! Funny about that hail storm and how localised it was. Have a lovely Sunday. Joan

Country Rabbit said...

woweeeeee you have made my day...i felt i was there- stunning views, scenery, landscape and skies...breath taking photography x

Claire said...

You must be very fit Anne, with all the bike riding you do?......

So glad you hadn't missed the must be so pretty to see them in bloom.

The Saxifrage looks lovely, I hope the hail storm hasn't ruined it.....

Enjoy your week,

Claire :}

Meredith said...

Gorgeous photos as usual and the Hail!!!! So glad you caught that on film and not your head.
Enjoy your day,

Lyn said...

I love your posts, your photos are great. We too had hail this afternoon, Winter hasn't finished with us yet has it?

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Lovely photos, what are the soldiers? I was too early for bluebells too but will be going back to see them early May.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Planet Penny in Norfolk got hail today (Sunday). You must have sent it south.

The 2 trees/puffy clouds shot is just gorgeous, as are ALL the treelines and rolling fields and clouds.

It took me a moment to think of the right Carpenters song, but now it's stuck in my head. Thanks a lot. :)

The mossy saxifrage is so pretty - I hope it wasn't completely destroyed by the hail.

Jennyff said...

Such a pretty journey, I bet that blew the cobwebs away.

sue said...

Lovely cycle Anne I bet you're glad you got out early, before the hail! Love your April tree shot and how surprising those soldiers!
By the way love your bike too.

Julie said...

Glad you weren't out in the hail! I think saying wheeee is a must - makes it even more fun! Juliex

Rattling On said...

Yes, we had awful weather as well. It's still like winter here. Lovely photos as always.
I remember when I was young and used to ride my bike down a really long hill. I used to sing Oh, What a Beautiful Morning for some reason!!

* said...

Love the eyes in that cloud....looks really funny!

I would think of that barclays advert with the Boston song, more than a feeling when I was out cycling....I'm dreadful for finding songs for certain occasions or conversations, much to the embarrassment of my kids!

Sara-hare said...

First time comment. Just wanted to say, I love your photos - I frequently use them as my computer screen background (nothing else, I promise... not stealing them, just looking at them longer). I am currently living somewhere that is much less beautiful than in your photos - though I HOPE to change that - and it's good to feast the eyes. I particularly love the one of the ewes and their lambs and that silvery streaky grass.


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