Monday 16 April 2012

Easter Holidays

On Easter Sunday we joined in with the Easter egg hunt at Culzean. We last visited way back in the summer of 2009 (photos here). I didn't take as many photos this trip as there were lots of people about and getting in the way (grr!). The weather wasn't as good as on our last visit either, but now at least we get in free being new NTS members - a "saving" this visit of £23.

After collecting our maps we leave the crowds and take a detour down to the beach...

There a huge area of wild garlic on the approch to this small (but still grand) cottage. The wild garlic was just starting to flower and the air was already filling with its wonderful scent.

There is something irresistable about a beach. We mooched around then rejoined the Easter trail.

It took us past many parts of the grounds we'd missed on our last visit, like this area with the canons.

We later took another detour to visit the walled gardens. These and the beach remain my favourite parts of the estate. At this time of year the tulips are the most eye catching feature.

When we visited in the summer the beds in front of this cottage were filled with beautiful wild flowers.

Someone was getting a little fed up by now though. It was quite a long walk for a 3 year old really.

Eventually we reach the end of the trail. The children collect their eggs, hubby collects the picnic we'd left in the car, and we have a late lunch back down by the beach.

On Easter Monday I and the children went to visit my parents in Galloway for a few days. We had a relaxing time. They played in the garden and the nearby park. I took lots of photos of my Mum's pretty flowers...

(cue this Easter's Granny Garden Mosaic.)

...and visited the local charity shops (no treasures at all, most disappointing).

We usually fit in a trip to a garden centre for lunch (excellent cakes!). After seeing Peeriemoots lovely hen photo, I attempt to get one of my own by taking about 20 photographs of the garden centre hens.

This was my best effort. We don't have hens so they're a bit of a novelty. I like the idea of having hens but in reality I think I'm too lazy to enjoy caring for them.

In the evenings I diligently sewed in all the ends of my crochet blanket. Hurrah! Revealing tada will follow soon. It's a lovely sunny morning here at the moment so perhaps I'll attempt some photos while the children are still snoozing.

On the last day of our visit we made further use of our NTS membership, this time to Threave Gardens ("saving" £10).

We were in time to catch the last of the daffodil blooms.

A pleasant place to pass a few hours (once the rain stopped).

Another beautiful walled garden.

Bottlebrush plant in the glass house.

Belted Galloways at the play area.

Beautiful sky.

We came back home on Friday. Since then I've been spring cleaning. But now there's just one more holiday day left. All still quiet upstairs. A beautiful sunny morning outside, though still cold after another frosty night. One washing load on the line, another almost ready. Perhaps scones for breakfast, then maybe a picnic somewhere...

...oh, and some crochet blanket photos!


pembrokeshire lass said...

Thanks for sharing such a lovely weekend. Idyllic!!(is that how you spell it?) The gardens were lovely and the flowers, also. It just seems a lovely few days! Joan

Rosangela said...

Que lugar lindo.
E as flores, que maravilhosas.
Suas fotos são um show.

Simone said...

Lovely photos. You certainly made the most of the Easter holidays and got great value out of your NT membership. I would like to join the National Trust but have no-one to visit places with!!!

sue said...

What a lovely post! you look like you had a wonderful Easter break, you certainly visited alot of gorgeous places. Can't wait to see your blanket!

rockinloubylou said...

looks like you've been having a lovely holiday. Must get back to the Museum of Rural Life soon. Love the hen photo. We are getting hens soon so I anticipate lots of photo opps!

Mrs. Micawber said...

I love that cottage in the first photo, and your Granny Garden collage. What is that beautiful white flower with little green dots (bottom center of mosaic)?

Bottle brush is fairly common in Southern California where I grew up - it was fun to see your picture of it.

Sounds like you've all had a wonderful holiday week.

topchelseagirl said...

Great photos. I love walled gardens too. I saw some real live Belties this week, I'd never even heard of them before - so cute.


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