Tuesday 24 January 2012

Crocheting Daisies.

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day so I took the opportunity to photograph some recent crochet happenings.

Since finishing my little ripple (which I forgot to photograph), I've been faffing around trying to find another project. I find crocheting quite relaxing and soothing and find I like to crochet as much for for the process itself as for the end result. Not any old project suits though. I started a big granny square (pictorial evidence to follow), one of the reasons being there would be fewer ends to deal with. However, once beyond a certain size I grew bored with it and wasn't happy with the colours I'd used earlier on - too far back now to change without undoing almost the whole blanket. I relalised then that (despite the ends) I prefer to work by adding blocks of colour and pattern together as it's easier to change your mind (which I do often!). A few more wrong pattern and colour combination endeavours followed. Then while browsing Pinterest I came across this pattern by Karen @ ColourInASimpleLife. It's magic!

Here are my daisies made while watching Birdsong on Sunday night.

MollyTheCat feigns interest for a photo opportunity.

These were my original colour choices. Seven of the balls are a recent Stylecraft purchase, the rest are from my stash (one problem I'd had in starting a new project was that I wasn't happy with the colours I had available in my stash, not surprising as I'd used up the ones I like best already). Although there was a nice variety in colour, the tones were too similar.

Some more lighter tones now added to give better contrast to the flowers and backgrounds.

Then I went to Lidl who are stocking yarn this week and bought some more colours (in cotton).

Finally! (though there may be a few more bits and pieces added - tiny remnants from previous blanket efforts)

I did try adding a red (we have a red armchair), but to me it's completely wrong, somehow it just shatters the colour harmony I like to think I'd achieved. It's been removed (for now).

So there we go, blanket #4 is now underway (I've still to finish sewing in the ends of blanket #3 before doing a tada for it, I've not blogged about it much, it's not the ripple as it's not a blanket...)

While in Lidl I also bout this sock yarn, I intend using it for crochet shawls, I bought two packs so I could make some shawls/scarves as gifts.

And here we have the granny square beginnings, all still optimistic atthis stage...

...but by this point I'm not liking it. I'm not sure what to do with it. I've almost run out of the green I used six rows from the end and particular greens seem to be hard to come by, so I may frog it as far back as that just to acquire the yarn.

Back to yesterday, I had to look hard to find a cloud in the sky (not the case today, we're surrounded by cloud - horrible wet, grey, drippy stuff it is too!)

I spent a happy few minutes photographing bits of a hydrangea.

One of my pots of pebbles, love the colours.

A lucky charity shop find (makes a change from children's books which is all I seem to recently find worth buying). I like the wonkiness of it and the fact that it's so obviously handmade but is still pleasing, and perfect for my crochet hooks.

OK, I tried to take a decent photo of the hairdo. This is the one I was least displeased with. I like how my coat collar hides my chin (a facial feature I wasn't bothered about till seeing it in self taken photos!). I'm not entirely sure about the hair. It's the best one I've had from a salon for a long time and I would actually go back, but maybe with a few tweaks. It's not much different lengthwise at the front, but it's been thinned out a lot and cut shorter at the back. Definitely less effort to wash and condition!

The daisies are blooming!


Anonymous said...

Really like the flowers. I noticed the yarn in Lidl yesterday but I have yet to learn to crochet, so passed it by but thought it seemed a good price.

Dawn said...

I love your daisies - I'll be taking a peek at that pattern. I never knew Lidls sold yarn!

Anonymous said...

Someone else with a pot of pebbles! Though mine is a dish.

Stocki said...

Hi Anne... what a lovely post! I love the little daisies... just my colours too! Thanks for the picutre of blue sky... I was beginning to forget how lovely it looks! Love the hair cut.. we have similar hair, but mine is a little...um...wilder (stragglier?) :)x

Jennyff said...

Great work. I saw Lidl had sock yarn in stock but the stuff I've bought in the past really hasn't worn well. Be fine for shawls and scarves I'm sure but my socks soon developed heel holes.

silverpebble said...

These daisies are so lovely -the colours are my favourite combination. These would be perfect for the Making Winter project!

sue said...

I love your daisies so pretty and so is your haircut such lovely curls and great colour mine are so much more haphazard than that, (very dependant on the weather my hair, always looks great on grey damp days LOL!)

Grateful4Crochet said...

Love those flowers, so pretty. I also really like your blanket, but I know how unsettling it is when you don't love the colours. Love your haircut, I got a similar one recently, a huge change for me!

Annie said...

Much daisy love from me, and those are gorgeous skies ... thanks so much for adding them to Project :: Sky 365 :D

Lynne said...

Love all the yarny goodness in your post. I'm with you on the giant granny blanket. I'm just finishing my second one and I can hardly wait to be done with it. I'd rather do a bunch of small things like those cute flowers!

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

I love the daisies too and the haircut. Beth :)

Rattling On said...

Love the daisies, but frankly I couldn't have done anything while Birdsong was on. Too busy watching lovely Eddie...

Mrs. Micawber said...

That is the hair and haircut I have fantasized about for years. Lucky you! It's lovely.

The daisies look like great fun. Just think how many ways you can arrange and re-arrange them.

Beautiful hydrangea and pebble photos, and I love the pobby crochet hook jar. (I think pobby is the word I want.)

You don't need to apologize for not commenting. Just visiting is fine! But it's always so very nice to hear from you.

Sara said...

I might have to have a go at the daisies. Lovely hair, I always wanted curly hair, my son has a huge mop of it! The only way I had curly hair in the 80's was to have a succession of perms!!

Mairead McGeown said...

I know this is a long shot but I am looking for the green wool from Lidls ...san Marino (green) my mother passed away three years ago and I recently found a beautiful wee cardigan she had been
knitting And had put away unfinished .. ... made
from this wool ... but need one ball to finish the cardigan so my niece can have it and wear it as one last special
Gift from my mother... would dearly love to get a ball of this from someone������


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