Sunday 22 January 2012

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

So, I (and my new hairdo!) set off about 9am for yet another January Saturday Morning Bike Ride.

The weather was not particularly appealing. I even considered switching to an indoor rowing session instead of a cycle. But no, a three hour cycle in the rain (with camera) was greatly preferrable to a one hour row. I think we'll be selling the rowing machine...

I like these silhouetted trees cresting the hill.

Lots of rain recently so lots of extra water around.

Lovely little tree silhouette, shame about the overhead wire (which seems to be getting entangled in its branches).

On the route today are three reservoirs. This is the first one. At this point all is a little grey and gloomy.

Then out comes the sun.


What a beautiful sky. I popped this photo in the Sky365 Flickr pool being run by Knitsofacto that I found via Mrs Micawber.

I'm sure this little hut didn't look quite so run down the last time I passed this way.

Looking up at the branches of a larch decorated with little cone baubles.

Then it started to rain.

Looking at this view the wind was behind me so it was still possible to take some photographs without getting the camera wet.

Shortly after here I sheltered beneath a bank of trees for a while till the rain went off. Just a shower. Then on my way again.

The end of the road, so it seems.

A last view of reservoir #1 (actually, it's two reservoirs joined together but I'm not sure where one ends and the other starts).

More sun beams. The sun itself is also visible through the clouds - just about to break through the hole in the clouds at the top of the picture.

Another abandoned building on the left of the road, another nice little row of trees on top of the hill.

Beech tree.

Reservoir #2, complete with a pair of swans.

Right next to it on the other side of the road is reservoir #3, complete with rainbow.

Further on, a look back down the hill. Beyond the big puddle is reservoir #3 away in the distance. Someone has stuffed pinecones into the gate post - nice!

This is the view over the other side of the hill.

Then I pass the photogenic but dilapidated farm wondering if I'll be brave enough to photograph it this trip, but nope, someone is there yet again. It seems to be the dingiest, dampest but most densely populated farm around.

I like to photograph this little trailer if I'm passing this way (sad?). Today I have company over the wall.

To the right of the last photo, the road ahead. Lovely dykes, hedges, trees and sunshine!

Another few miles and I pass the snowdrops from last week, they've come on a bit more and are now at their best. Last year there was no sign of them till February, it's definitely been a much milder winter this year, though rather wet and windy for my liking.

Looking over the loch towards the sun.

The past some ducks in a row. I like their orange legs.

This swan was approaching for some food, I didn't have any.

A perfect rainbow. It was actually a double one but the secondary rainbow didn't show up well in the photos I took.

Along the cyclepath past the folly.

A bike shot, then home.

Another surprsingly enjoyable ride. Strong winds (often it was hard to hold the camera still) but I made sure I cycled out against the wind so that it was behind me coming home. Sunshine and showers - I did get wet a few times but the wind quickly dried me, and gentle sunshine is always a pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Another lovely post, thank you. The weather was certainly changeable wasn't it?

Mac n' Janet said...

Lovely place to ride, doesn't look like you had much traffic,and a beautiful end to your ride.

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Beautiful photos. I do envy you with the bike rides, I'm afraid where I am the traffic is crazy even down the country lanes, if not more so down the country lanes! Because of this I don't ride my bike much now. I do lots of walks though and invested in a manual treadmill recently (manual because it gives me what I think is a proper workout!)

June said...

Wonderful photos of your bike ride as always. Like the last one of the bike very much!

Claire said...

Another lovely ride....3hours, wow!!

Love the ducks in a row and the Snowdrops. Leaden skies and reflections in the water, bare branches, stone walls......oh the list is endless. So many wonderful vistas Anne.

How did the haircut go by the way? Hope you were happy with the end result.

Claire :}

Louise said...

I do enjoy your Saturday bike rides! I love the little trailer, I do silly things like that - take a photo of something no one else wants a photo of every time I go past it! The trailer does have a certain appeal for sure!

claire said...

I am enjoying your saturday bike rides so much...very inspiring, especially as the snow is on the ground here until at least april and I can dream of biking without having to do it (hehe). your photos are lovely and a joy to look at.

Habbie tot said...

I love the photos, especially the sunbeams one. Mr H wanted to buy that first barn and make it into a house, thankfully something else came up! - oh and your new haircut is lovely, I hope you like it too!

Chaos, Kids, Crochet and Cake said...

I'm so impressed that you cycle for 3 hours, mind you with that scenery I'd stay out longer!
Looking forward to seeing a haircut shot...!
Sandra x

Mrs. Micawber said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos as always. What about your coiffure?

I love the raindrops and all the trees, the sunbeams and the stone fences and the baubly larches. And the orange ducky legs. The swan looks uncharacteristically shy as he approaches.

A ride is much better than a rowing machine!

Pene said...

I guess you were cycling around lochwinnock area as that looks like the folly just outside howwood? Lovely photos especially considering how cold it was saturday.

sue said...

Another lovely cycle ride, I feel much fitter now LOL! Love all your atmospheric photos too.

blueskyscotland said...

Did a very similar run a few months ago on the bike.Such great scenery and rolling landscape around there. I never tire of it....Although my legs do sometimes! said...

You are surrounded by beauty. I'm very jealous! ;)
Beautiful blog.


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