Friday 27 January 2012

Daisy Connection.

I started joining some of the daisies together...

... and I'm liking the effect so far very much. It's a wonderful pattern (link here). It's simple, logical, easily memorised, produces a wonderfully bold flowery effect and is great for playing around with different colour combinations.

Yesterday, after a lovely sunrise we had some...


Even the humble doormat is made beautiful by a snowy blanket.

We enjoyed a fun, snowy walk home from school.

This was as much as we got and it didn't last long.

A recent drawing of A's. I love how children just get on with it and draw a picture, just like that! I always seem inhibited by a fear of making mistakes which they don't seem to worry about at all, not at age 6 anyway - long may it continue.

The subject, "My friend Molly", wasn't popular earlier this week though. On hearing a commotion in the hallyway N went to investigate to find Molly "playing with a birdie Mum!" She'd managed to catch a collared dove and bring it in the cat flap and there were feathers everywhere! I managed to get the cat and the bird in separate rooms, and the bird was well enough to fly out the french windows. I have since seen it in the garden and hope it continues to survive. It's certainly a step up from the earth worms and mice we've been getting. The cat has now got a collar and bell back on, hopefully that will help.

And finally... that he's not left out, here's a recent installation by N.


sue said...

I love your daisy creation, really pretty and such adorable colours.
We've just had a very heavy downpour of hail here, looks like snow brrr it was very chilly and painful riding my bike being slapped in the face by hailstones!
I love your sons picture and art installation that's quite a collection of cute creatures! Which is more than could be said for your cat, although you have to admire her for squeezing a thrashing bird through the cat flap!!!

silverpebble said...

The colours of those crochet daisies are truly beautiful - I keep looking back at that gorgeous image.

Snow? My little ones are very envious

(PS would you like to add your link to this month's bloghop?)

Thrifty Household said...

That snowy doormat is a thing of beauty!

Rustic Vintage Country said...

The daisies are beautiful, really beautiful and I love the colours. Also loving that penguin picture! Suzy

Grateful4Crochet said...

That snow is truly beautiful!!

Unknown said...

oh you had more snow that us!!!

(like the pattern... must try)

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

I have snow envy, I'd love just a little bit (or actually a lot if I'm honest). Fab daisies :)

sajuki said...

amazing photos!

Rattling On said...

My friend once got up in the night as there was a commotion in the kitchen. Her cat had brought a chicken through the cat flap and was chasing it around! (She didn't keep chickens...)


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