Friday 1 April 2011


I lie there with my secret
friend. I dream of you
and then I do it by
myself I do something
very strange I make
a thing that does not
have a wing. I make
a copy of you! I do it
with my green machine that
beats all of the teams.

A poem by A, aged 5 1/2.

Well, I like it, but I'm not a huge poetry fan (I'd much rather look at pictures). What's it all about, no idea, suppose I'd better ask her and see if she knows.

Ahh, she's growing up fast... she is as a wee baby with our old cat.

On the subject of cats... I checked with hubby about the maybe getting another cat situation (last year he had vaguely committed to "perhaps sometime in the Spring"), and we're going to start making enquiries after the Easter holidays. How exciting! Almost like having another child, except without the pregnancy, sleepless nights, nappies, "fun" mealtimes, etc and with added fur which will probably drive me nuts, must try not to get another mostly white one...


Chaos, Kids, Crochet and Cake said...

Ahh, we miss our cats! One died just before we moved here and the other we had to leave behind. She looked just like yours with maybe a smidge more black. We gave in and got a dog a year ago but he's much like "Hercules Morse (as Big as a Horse)" and far too big to curl up on your knee!
Love your wee one's poem - isn't it fascinating what goes on in their wee brains?
Have a lovely weekend,
Sandra x

Apples and Pears said...

What a lovely poem! And what a sweet baby :) Our cat died at the end of last year and the boy and I would love another but the Mr is refusing.....will need a grand plan, I think. Enjoy your weekend xxx

rockinloubylou said...

I love the poem. She has totally got the idiom. What have you been reading her? Dylan Thomas? Little R was doing Robert Burns at school and one morning began to declaim an ode to her porridge, along the lines of, "Oh wondrous porridge with your golden syrup and your ..." can't remember the rest but it was hilarious.

Julie said...

She was a very cute baby! Hope you find a lovely kitten/cat soon. Yes, definitely try and avoid the white hair variety......even messier than the normal kind. Juliex

Jennyff said...

Your cat is beautiful, we've had a couple that were mainly white with black markings, I think they are gorgeous.

Zoya said...

That's a wonderful poem.

Hope you'll find a perfect cat soon.

Lyn said...

Oh how exciting, a new kittie cat! have fun.

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

Thanks for your cat comment over at my RC blog. Yep, I'm a cat girl and mine is an old(ish) lady now, called Smelly, she's really Smilla but she's so naughty she's always been referred to as Smelly. Sadly my favourite (and I know you shouldn't have them) cat was run over shortly after we moved to this house (Jenkins, a little black and white cat with a huge personality), poor Smelly, if she were human she'd be playing a banjo but she's still adorable and I wouldn't swap her for the world.

Get another cat, you've love every minute! Bx


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