Tuesday 19 April 2011

Happy and Colourful.

Uh oh, I've started a new blanket.

Since finishing my African flower blanket I'd made a couple of (since abandoned) attempts at other projects. I've discovered that amigurumi is just not for me (sorry, it's just so boring going round & round in dc and I always lose count of where I am) and my muddy sock yarn is also not exciting me much either.

So, inspired by Andrea at Apples and Pears I have begun making a jewel blanket.

I just fancied something simple and colourful to work on and which can be picked up/put down easily.

It's also very satisfying to be able to take daft photos of all the little colourful crocheted circles as I make them (notice I am crocheting/sewing in the ends as I go this time!)

While in the garden I couldn't resist taking a couple more photos of the tulips as they're just looking so gorgeous this year.

I've also bought a chicken!

Not a real one, just this little embroidered one from Snapdragon. It came with a lovely postcard and some great stickers.

Earlier this morning, as it was such a nice day I took N in the trailer for a bike ride along the cycle path to the loch.

Hazy sunshine across green fields.

My bike looks tiny against this enormous cycle sculpture.

The view of the loch from the bench where we ate our icecreams (a Flake cornetto for N and a Magnum double caramel for me).

We then met up with a friend and her little girl and went for a wander.

Puddle guddling.

Photographing the lambs.

Feeding the ducks.

Then back home. Jackdaws perch on a gate as we leave the cycle path.

I think this lovely weather is to continue for a few more days, it would be fantastic if it lasted over the holiday weekend. I hope it's good wherever you all are too!


Hazel said...

Looking forward to seeing another beautiful blanket and the weather is supposed to be staying all week! Yay! x

June said...

Another wonderful post. Love the photos of the children feeding the ducks - a photo to treasure and taking a photo of the lamb. Yes, I like you hope that the weather lasts this good for some time to come!

Lx @ Twelve said...


Pleased to meet you , thankyou for your lovely comment....

Here's to more sunny summer days..


Marie said...

Your blanket looks like it will be lovely, great colours, and hopefully you will get some nice outdoor hooky time in the sun over the next few days. I did today and it was heavenly.

Teresa Kasner said...

I adore the photo of the darling little girl looking at the lambs. maaaaaa! We used to raise dairy goats and I miss the babies.

Lovely photos!!

Teresa :-)

James. said...

Very colourful, like the way you put them in the shrub like flowers. Looks like a nice bike ride, love the photos, My little boy also loves puddle guddling (wonderful).

Diane said...

As ever stunning photos and views. Your garden (and crochet) looks lovely. xx

Anonymous said...

Those big, blousey tulips are wonderful. What a striking display. Like the look of your new blanket already too!

Sweet Lily said...

Wow, what a wonderful garden! :D

Simone said...

A wonderful post full of good things. The crochet circles look quite addictive. I have never grown tulips but feel I need to in the future after seeing your lovely display. I hope the weather stays good for you.

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

A jewel blanket! The name says it all, and the fabulous photos back up how it's going to look. I'm a big fan of bright colours so I know I'll fall in love (I'm still in love with your African flower blanket) might even pick up my attempt to learn to crochet again! Bx


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