Saturday 8 May 2010

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

I'm up early to quieten N who's squawking loudly to let us know that Makka Pakka has escaped from the cot. I take a peek out the window, see what a gorgeous morning it is so after a quick breakfast (a butter & honey sandwich, yum) I'm on the bike for 7am!

I head down through the village this morning then climb the long hill up to the braes.

Jumbly farm buildings and lambs.

The air is clear and pure and the view of the hills to the north is breathtaking. There is no sound other than the skylarks warbling away.

The beginning of this ride is the reverse of the end of this one which I did in March and when we still had quite a bit of snow lying around. It was also the ride when I spotted the spooky dolls, and, I regret to report, they're still there! I didn't photograph them this time round though as they're looking rather the worse for wear now.

The tree avenue is now in leaf.

Love their ears!

Clipped hedges and neatly rolled fields line this road.

Blackthorn in bloom.

This poor little fellow has a broken wing. I think it may be a grey wagtail but I'm not certain.

Coconut perfumed gorse and blue skies.

Funky ferns.

The road home.

When hubby, A & N return from swimming lessons we head off on the bikes again to spend the rest of the day at a nearby agricultural show. Photos to follow...

I've cycled about 40 miles today, the farthest I've done for a long while. My knees and bum ache a little!


Diane said...

40 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you made a typing error? 40 MILES!!!!!!!!!! I struggle with 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The avenue of trees looks lovely and I love the funky fern.
40 Miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am seriously impressed.

Lyn said...

perfect photos as usual!
Thank you, glad I didn't have to cycle 40 miles!

Unknown said...

I'm so glad to get out for another early spring ride with you today. What a lovely day we had. I'm sooooooo glad to see my favorite cow is still peeking over the stone fence. I know we will be coming back down this road again soon. Boy, is my {tail} sore from a 40 miler the first day.

Kate - The Garden Bell.

Isn't Elizabeth Cat, just too die for cute.

silverpebble said...

Tree-lined roads, blackthorn and unfurling ferns. Stunning. Thanks for taking us with you

Jennyff said...

I'm so impressed by your early start, the distance you covered, the photos and the fact you've got it all blogged. Inspirational, hope you are feeling suitably smug and not too sore.

topchelseagirl said...

OMG! I'd be impressed with my self if I could manage 4 miles, but then I haven't been on a bike ride for years. Like the cow. Strange that those dolls are still there.

periwinkle said...

the avenue is gorgeous , doesn't look real ........ poor birdie

Poppy said...

Beautiful pictures! Did I read it right… 40 miles??? You must be mad.

Love Lou xxx

Lesley said...

My reaction was the same as Diane's (above). FORTY MILES? A mere 40 miles?
I'm out of breath just typing it.
Thank you for the always gorgeous pics!
And I can't believe I didn't get back to your give-away post in time to leave a comment - I'm an idiot!
(I read my favourite blogs every morning on my iPod, in bed with tea and toast, but commenting is very fiddly.
I remember telling myself to be sure to leave a comment on the grown-up computer, but I'm an idiot.
Those glass pieces were both lovely. Lucky winners!

kirsty said...

Stunning photos..thank you for sharing x

Yiota said...

Can I echo Diane?!!!!
Thanks for the ride. Love, love, loved it as always!
(and congrats to the winners of the giveaway!)

Isabelle said...

Forty miles! I'm inpressed. You must be so very fit! Wonderful way to exercise, having such beautiful views on the way makes it all worthwhile. I imagine that the roads are quiet too.

Warm wishes
Isabelle x


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