Monday 3 May 2010

Monday Bike Ride

No Saturday morning bike this weekend (hubby was marshalling at a cycling race so I did Saturday swimming lesson duty). Instead, as it's a bank holiday, I get to take Monday for my ride. Weather-wise it's certainly worked out to be a good deal...

I set off at about 8am accompanied by beautiful blue skies.

There was quite a hard frost overnight. Even though the sun has been up for a couple of hours there are a few pockets of frost still to be seen.

I follow my usual route out of the village...

...turning right at the cross roads just after the big stone...

...and past farms with sheep dotting the fields like balls of cotton wool.

I'm heading up to Muirshiel Country Park.

I've a rendevous at 11am.

I'm a little early so I've time to wander about listening to the cuckoo and taking photos of butterflies (I'll need to look up what this one is, it's a new one for me)...

... and ferns unrolling.

And then I get to see these two characters! Hubby, A & N have driven up in the car so we can all enjoy a beautiful day in the lovely countryside together.

Much guddling in the river is followed by a picnic lunch (with hubby's best choc chip muffins!), a little walk through the woods, a pond inspection, and ice cream from the cafe. They then set off home in the car and I follow on the bike.

I go home a slightly longer route so I can get a little view of the hills.

One last look.

It was a beautiful day. This is a very small selection of the photos I took. It's just so good to see the countryside finally looking green again. I love May!


Yiota said...

I love May, too and I love your bike rides! Beautiful photos and your little ones look so cute.

VintageVicki said...

As ever - gorgeous photos - glad someone had some blue skies over the weekend.

Love the pic of your little ones in the stream :)

topchelseagirl said...

I love May too. I also love kids wellies, they are so cute and dinky. Lovely photos as always.

Julie said...

Lovely photos. I think your plan of cycling to and from a family trip is a great way to get your me time but not eat too much out of family time. I ran back from walk the other day and it worked really well.
I think the butterfly is an orange tip - I have a feeling its quite recently (maybe 10 years or so) that they've started coming up to Scotland. Juliex

Helsie said...

May is a lovely time of year in Queensland to as the heat has usually gone but the sun still shines brightly and the nights are cool. Your bike rides are terrific. Keep them coming .

Unknown said...

Ah, so lovely. The photo of your children is particularly sweet!

Simone said...

A stunning post. I have never seen a butterfly like that before. What a gem to find it. How lovely that your husband and children met up with you for a picnic. Chocolate chip cookies too! Perfect. x

Cathy said...

Your weather looks gorgeous Anne. My favourite photo is the one of the sheep right at the top of the hill framed by the tree and that amazing butterfly of course. How lovely for the kids to have a paddle in a brook. What could make a child happier?


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