Sunday 15 November 2009

Sunday Morning Bike Ride

No bike ride yesterday as we were away visiting family. The weather was awful anyway with torrential rain and bad flooding on the roads, not at all pleasant.

Today, however, was much better - dry with the odd patch of sunlight.

I'm off up the hill on the other side of the valley this morning. The climb is longer than it seemed last time I took this route. Too many packets of these recently I think (umm, three last week alone!)

Can you see the rainbow.

The last time I came through this avenue of trees they were still in leaf and it was dark and shady passing underneath. I knew once the leaves were away that they'd make quite an impressive photo.

Some evidence of the recent rain.

Just round the corner after the cottage I pass two walkers, one of them is wearing shorts and quite short ones at that! It's November, we're up on top of a hill, a cold wind is blowing, he's plain daft!

It's quite bleak up here but very peaceful (aside from the odd short clad walker). Once the big climb to get here is out the way it's fairly flat. I take my time and admire the November landscapes while gently freewheeling along.

It does start to feel quite cold and I'm glad I've put several layers on and have remembered my gloves which I eventually have to put on. My toes don't warm up though till I get home again.

Look, a little patch of blue sky!

Some colour still in the hedgerows.

I have to wait to let this flock of sheep pass, quite exciting(!)

A last patch of colour. I take the long way home as I like to finish up on a downhill!


Lyn said...

I love your bike rides! you are right, those trees are impressive!

rockinloubylou said...

I love reading about your adventures and seening the amazing landscapes in your photos. Pedalling up so many hills, I think you can probably afford to eat as many packets of yummy biscuits as you like. My problem is I eat the biscuits but don't go anywhere on a bike!
country mouse xx

bellaboo said...

I found your blog through Curlew Country.I had to laugh at the 'shorts' comment,as my hubby puts his shorts on in the Spring and wears them...whatever the weather...until November!Will pop in again...looks interesting.


Jennyff said...

Another beautiful tour around your part of the world. I am full of admiration that you are still getting out.

Yiota said...

Just as I started missing your rides + pictures. Thanks for sharing this.

Pomona said...

I am sure the cycling will cancel out those rather nice looking biscuits. I love the outlines of the trees in the pictures - they are so beautiful.

Pomona x

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

I do like your bike rides! You go to such lovely places, just the kind that I like. Peaceful and with beautiful scenery! It must be hard going on the bike when it's a blowey day!
Isabelle x

Cathy said...

I love reading your blog Anne. Your bike rides are always interesting and I love the scenery. That avenue of trees is very special. Your prezzies through the post are great too. I will have to have a peek at The Linen Cat.

I agree the deco mags are expensive now. Our local library sells off all the old mags for 30p so if you don't mind them being a couple of months out of date they are a bargain. My absolute fav is Country Living but Country Homes and interiors is great too.

blueskyscotland said...

I remember that avenue of trees on the way to Walls Hill fort...very photogenic.
Nice to see you found a little blue sky as well :)

Unknown said...

Still love the countryside pictures even on a rainy day. Hope you are back out and riding soon.

Janean said...

your photos are delightful!!!!! you have a genuine talent for photography. thank you for taking us along with you. i'm off to read more on your blog....


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