Friday 27 November 2009

I don't mind November...

I am aware that November is not a popular month with many. However, though I wouldn't wish for a year full of Novembers I don't think it is the most unbearable of months (I award that accolade to January & February!).

I never have any high expectations of November and therefore am never disappointed. I expect it to be cold, wet and dark, but Christmas is on it's way! I do like Christmas, and perhaps enjoy the preparations more than the actual day itself. In November Christmas is sufficiently distant that I can delude myself into thinking that this is the year I will be organised, thus it remains something to look forward to.

November is still a colourful month, the grass still looks green and some feisty flowers remain, even in our sodden, waterlogged garden...

... daisies, fuschias, geraniums, roses and amongst them all a last little ladybird.

I must admit that the November light is not good for indoor photography as the shockingly bad photos to follow show. It's rather a random collection, we've not really been up to much. For example, a recent highlight is the purchase (finally!) of a vinyl tablecloth. I've been humming and hawing over which design to buy and in the meantime the table has been getting more and more scratched and worn.


After...I think I was probably influenced by this post in my tablecloth choice though I've gone for the matt version. Hmmm, must work on improving my photograph styling!

Here is a photo of the gingerbread from the recent cake night, just to prove it did indeed exist. The recipe is from Nigella's How To Be A Domestic Goddess. It uses fresh ginger and produces a deliciously moist, rich cake. I make 2 x 2lb loaves from the recipe - I did previously make the one huge tray as recommended (to be cut into squares) but have found that the two loaves suit better - one for icing & eating and one for freezing for later.

While on the subject of the cake night, the following is the recipe I used for the chocolate fudge cake.

Overall, I would say I prefer it to the Nigella recipe I used to use (so Nigella doesn't come out tops all the time!) It is very rich and I think it is best served with cream. We also heated our slices in the microwave for 10 seconds. As it's from a Nestle promotional leaflet I think it's acceptable to post the recipe, it's all geared towards getting you to buy Nestle Caramel after all.

I have been making more charity shop dashes with N (my impatient shopping companion). Still no vintage finds, but some excellent book bargains for A:-

I didn't realise till I got home that the Dear Mermaid book is illustrated by Vanessa Cabban, well known in blogging circles for asking "Do You Mind If I Knit?" The illustrations are beautiful and the book is in excellent condition so a great find.

And at this stage I've run out of photographs, there are dishes waiting, and I must get on with some Christmas decorations I'm making to sell at A's Nursery Christmas Fair, not to mention the frozen things referred to in this post. More photos to follow...


rockinloubylou said...

November must be vinyl tablecloth season! I just got one from John Lewis, after humming and hawing about which one to choose for ages. It is a christmas robin pattern - a repeated robin with woolly hat and scarf. I might just keep it on until spring as I love it so much. In fact, I might be a copycat and put it on my blog (but with integrity - I will acknowledge my source!). Your gingerbread with fresh ginger sounds amazing. The ideal November cake. country mouse xx

Diane said...

As you know, November isn't a fave month of mine. I'm a real outdoorsy sort of person, and this is the first month that seems to confine me to barracks. I'm always super prepared for Christmas, having done nearly all of my shopping in the sales throughout the year, but I always manage a huge panic in November still. At least I have some lovely blogs to cheer me up.xxxx

Yiota said...

I love these last two posts with glimpses of your house. It looks so cosy. I can see you've been very busy while I wasn't feeling well and have done pretty much nothing around the flat. Today I'm feeling a little more sane and did some sewing for my dad in the morning.
Take care!

Pomona said...

Thanks for your comment - Elizabeth Gaskell is wonderful. North and South would be a good place to start, or for more bite size stuff, Cranford and Cousin Phillis. And Wives and Daughters is lovely - you can tell I am a fan, can't you?!

Pomona x


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